Spinning rims pics and an avatar request

yo, can someone give me some pics of those spinning rims and can someone also make me an avatar of them. just have my name on it and of corse have the rims spinnin and the rest is up to the creator. thanks

they spinnin’ nigga they spinnin’!
they spinnin’ nigga they spinnin’!

Does this count?

Hahahahaha. That’s great.

lol yeah if the rims would come in clearer i would ask someone to use that pic


onhe last bump, cmon can someone help me out?

nobody’s helping you because spinning rims are gay. haha

My bro has some GIF’s of spinning rims. I’ll go into his comp and get them for you. hold up a bit.

here you go.

here’s another. he has more but, i can’t find them. I’ll ask him later on today and post them tomorrow.