Spinning Seimitsu problem

I’m having a small issue with my buttons on my arcade stick. No matter how much I tighten my seimitsu pk 14s they tend to rotate out of alignment after a small bit of use. I don’t know if its the art inside the button button or the button itself.

If it helps I am using a TE stick with the original metal plate, custom art, and one of Art’s plexis for the top.

if you didnt glue down the art inside the button then its that… can you actually physically turn the button after you’ve tightened it?

No I can’t physically move the button without tools of an sort. I didn’t glue the art at all (first modded stick so I won’t deny my ignorance of this step).

How should I go about affixing the art and what type of glue would you suggest?


Double sided tape.

anything tacky really… doesnt need much of whatever you use

I bet spit would do in a pinch if you let it dry.

Just tried Elmers and the art is holding in place. Thanks for the help.