Spiral Combos!

man, i really don’t expect anyone to reply to this anytime soon but neways …

i’m a long time spiral user … i’m just trying to find new tricks with her …

neways, all spiral users should know that you can call an assist after you do her quick drop move in the air (qcb + hk) …

so then i started practicing:

(with bh aaa assist)

launch -> 1234, quick drop, call bh assist, dp + hp (hold up), [bh assist hits], dp + hp

basically, after the first spiral buster, they get hit with the bh assist as they are coming out of the throw, and when they fall down again, grab again with dp + fp.

the dmg is alright (for a spiral air combo) and it will catch the attention of people initially cause they’ll prob go: “wtf how did you call assist during super jump” lol

unfortunatley, sometimes when i do this combo, i can’t do the 2nd spiral buster … infact it’s like spiral is in a ‘dead’ state … i can’t do anything until she hits the ground … (kinda like when someone is trying to guard break you)

i tried some other assists … not too much worked tho … i found thanos capture assist (bubble) works as well … same combo as above, but instead you throw them foward… when they land, they fall in the bubble, and combo again! hahaha … but this time, right after dp+fp, you have to teleport (lk or hk) right away so you can get next to them fast, incase they mash the bubble… i’m guessing spidey capture will work too, but i didn’t try …

so i dunno, maybe some others here can explain the ‘dead state’ or maybe experiment with other assists and see what work well! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure but doing a quick drop and calling an assist may put you into normal jump state - which won’t let you do a 2nd special move ( spiral buster).

the thing is, i’ve been able to actually do the double spiral buster before … just not consistently cause sometimes i get put in ‘dead’ state … i can get it like 25% of the time maybe … oh well… nice to see someone reply to this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

… it just hit me… after hell knows how old this thread is…

the spiral buster isnt coming out cuz u arent in unfly mode… lol, so get hit and see if that shit works

to answer some questions:

  1. spiral buster(?), or qcb+hk, can be repeated several times in a row. AK found out a long time ago that u can build meter just by slamming on hk and doing qcb a few times while you’re super jumping. Just remember you’re unable to block on the way down.

  2. I’ve seen AK use the team spiral/sentinel/psylocke. It’s pretty good actually. Pslyocke let’s spiral do decent damage … like c. short call psylocke, c. rh (psylocke hits), c. rh (as your opponent is falling), then air combo. QCB+hk, fierce+psylocke is an overhead attack that you can use from super jump height. When he did it, what happened is the fierce hits high, psylocke picks the opponent up, then spiral can do c. short, c. rh, air combo. I’ve even see him have swords loaded, do the overhead above, then launch, circle swords, level 3. shit hurts.

  3. somebody needs to make some new spiral teams. spiral sentinel are best buddies (since if u switch in sentinel, it’s like 50% block damage with spiral assist). just need a third character that let’s spiral do a lot of damage, is anti-air to get magneto off of you, and works well with sentinel. psylocke seems to look good for those reasons, but it would be nice to have a meter burner. cable looks like he could work well in there, but that leaves cable with no anti-air himself.
    the only other character that burns a ton of meter is strider, but he needs doom.

anybody know any spiral/doom lock down cycles? that would be dope.

spiral buster= dp+p

its the only thing written twice in wang’s combo.

as for repeated quickdrops, I can see it building meter, but why use that when you can throw swords/circles.

her doom lockdown involves CoS. I forgot how it works, but imo it looks easy to get hit out of, and is on djb13’s spiral tott vid.

Spiral / Sent/ Commando has been rated highly by Banshee and others.
Using cyclops myself - helps sent land unblockables and IMO helps alot against magneto. Spiral can sj 1,2,3,4 spiral buster (toss forwards, then reload) when cyclops hits.
Look for some of Banshee’s old posts for combos (d+lk,d+mk,Hk, pause, 3 knives, dash Lk,…) I can barely land the lk but it is possible

I think I’ll dust off the DC and make a vid.
The combos are nothing impressive with what’s doable right now in mvc2, but it might help folks with the timing.
I’ll post a link soon.

Looking forward to it. :pleased:

double launcher combo -
HK airthrow in corner (bounce) Launch plus drones, sj LK, Hk, drones hit , Lk, land relaunch, sj lp, mp, spiral buster

Shit, good idea.

Talk pas shit ! I want my revenge :sad:

good spiral combo (when in speed mode, hcb+kk i believe, she glows a light blue) lpxxmp dash lpxxmp dash repeat

LK->HK, dash, rinse, repeat. But either way, it’s a waste of effort damage-wise :sad:

The damage ain’t too bad if you tack on a spiral buster after they spin out.

Good corner combo with sent using spiral proj assist.
d+Lk, mp, Fastfly Lk,Hk,unfly Hk, land j Lk, j HK, fly Lk + spiral proj, Hk, RP, Move u/f, Lk, RP, LK, (DP)RP, fly forward grab.

Never thought i’d ask this ,when do u pushblock to get out of the basic spiral/sent trap ? Is it after her HP ? Its easy to get out of HSF and HOD but haven’t played much good spirals, most spirals i’ve played die fast (rushing and killing them before they can do anything) and they never could set up the trap so i neglected it but i need to know coz there’s this beastly spiral in mtl that has the trap down perfectly and i need to prove i’m no scrub coz he owned my msp almost perfect :sad: :rolleyes:

what are the dancing sword controls the one where she shoots the small and expanding circles

…also will this combo work s.lp s.lp+ tooth (a) it launches toward you …so while the opponent is in the air activate dancing swords when they land in front of you before they hit the ground repeat. when you go to repeat the jabs and dancing swords should hit and hold the person in front of you for tooth to come out again. what do you guys think

What? If you’re looking for a movelist, check Gamefaqs, it’s all there. Her moves are quite simple, though.

again, what? I’m really not sure what you mean, but you can’t call an assist twice in a combo :confused:

i tried it its no good

tooth comes out the 2nd time and whiffs