Spiral Combos!

Here’s a combo I’ve been using… d+Lk, d+mk, Hk, 3 swords, dash d+LK and drones, d+Mk, Hk, 3 swords, dash and launch as drones hit, sj 1,2,3, 4, spiral buster, toss forward, reload swords. Finding it real hard to get a LK after the last sword without putting drones in there - otherwise I’d be using the drones later to combo the qcf +2P super…Any advice Banshee in regards to throwing the last set of swords so I can get a LK?

BTW Banshee - the Hk, dash 3 swords combo was in one of Julias Jacksons old vids. I’ll post a transcript for anyone whose interested.

Any setups for her LEVEL 3 super?

That’s where people should be focused.

Only ones I know of is the launch, sj. short, sj. forward, CoS xx qcb+PP ,
CoS guard break as the opponent comes in xx qcb+PP, and the occasional qcb+PP (during rushdown or when cable is doing AHVB and you are behind him), jump u/f+grab.

There must be setups using assists to hold the opponent in place? Something that doesn’t require a CoS setup.

The only other finding I’ve seen is sj. CoS xx speed up super, CoS again. This works because speed up super cancels the delay on CoS recovery plus it holds spiral up. Also, you get to burn meter (which you sometimes should do if Spiral is doing well), plus you get speed up (which is much better than power up IMO).

What’s the other things new to spiral? I’ve heard that sj. sword jab, quick drop, jab jab jab jab jab is the way to stop a flying sentinel since it forces sentinel to drop down. Anything else new?

How about when Sentinel does HSF? If you teleport behind Sentinel during HSF, is level 3 unavoidable? Sentinel will have to get tagged if you teleport behind him and active level 3 during his HSF?

There are TONS of lvl3 super setups with assists. Anything that hits the opponent long enough for you to activate, and then dash in c.short c.roundhouse, sj.short,sj.forward, HP lvl3 throw.

perfect example with sent drone assist is c_s.short->s.forward->fierce+sent drones XX lvl3 activate as the drones are about to hit, dash s.short->c.roundhouse/\sj.short->forward->HP lvl3 throw.

Nice banshee.

How about any setups that don’t require a c. short, c. roundhouse startup? Thanks.

I’ve also found that if Sentinel does HSF and you teleport up behind him, if you activate level 3 super as soon as you reappear, it’s very hard (or impossible) for Sentinel to avoid getting tagged by the level 3 super on your way down. Even better, Sentinel often calls an assist while he does HSF… and then both Sentinel and the assist get hit by the level 3 super. I don’t see anyway Sentinel can avoid this… unless maybe he has time to sj. short before you hit him? Doesn’t seem possible.

Not necessarily. Maybe to kill someone like sent but if you land a d+ LK, combo Hp + drones, qcf + 2P xx HSF - hp - RP - HSF - HP - Rp does alot more

waste of meter IMO just to get chipping.

Taken from this thread

Also Preppy is currently hosting some Duc matches
Duc really uses sj Hp well, alot of quick drops, and grabs.

Thanks Augmint.

SJ. HP does seem very good (I use it a ton myself. Works well , esp against Magneto and Sentinel). Against Sentinel, I will sometimes use j. hp (on the way up) xx teleport, j. hp (on the way up) xx teleport. That will hit a crouching Sentinel and a Cable that does j. back fierce.

My concern is that often my spiral is doing well enough that I hit 5 levels in no time, and stay at 5 levels because my Spiral is better than my meter burner (usually cable). I end up keeping spiral in, with no way to burn meter unless I do stuff like CoS xx speed up, CoS.

I was looking for level 3 uses only because sometimes I don’t have Sentinel on my team or have Sentinel 2nd to Spiral (to do the proper super cancel into HSF).

sj Hp works against sent only if you do it early - i.e you know he is going to sj.
His frypan seems faster if you both do sj Hp at the same time.

Who do you have on your team if you don’t have sent ?
And who do you have 2nd if you have sent third? (cos if its cable you can still do hp + drones, qcf+2P xx HVB xx HSF).

If you are intent on burn meter - power up ( and throw) would probably be better - particularly if your opponent is near the corner. Tick throws work good against people like cable and sent.

I am trying to use Spiral/Cable/BH. I’ve got a decent Spiral/BH trap, but the DHC’s are not as friendly as with Sentinel. Cable/BH is nasty though. I use j. back fierce + bh, grenade, j. fierce, qcf+HP. Mix with s. fierce x4 +bh, grenade, j. fierce, qcf+hp. So aggrivating to get out of lol.

But yea, Spiral just can’t combo as well with BH or have super setups.

Wow, really …you recommend power up? I find that Spiral’s main weakness is her speed (especially her floating from her sj. and normal j.). So compensating her speed, giving her a semi-infinite, and making her look scarier with the speedup, it seems much better. I figure even if you get powerup, most of your damage will be chip. Does chip damage increase with powerup? I’m guessing not, but I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, to be honest, against good competition, it’s hard to even pull off a powerup/speedup. That split second of break is often enough space to give your opponent a chance to capitalize. Seems like keeping the pressure on is something you can’t let up.

I said if you are intent - didn’t actually recommend it. Its just that you can’t throw in speed up mode, and I’m not sure that throwing knives much faster would justify burning all that meter. And like you said against good competition landing the semi inf (without drones to combo into it) is far from easy.

Power up increases her damage - not sure about chip - but IIRC it also means she takes a bit more. A well mashed throw could get you 30% plus. Something to try.
I’ve played against your team a long time ago. I like BH and cable as a duo (occ. use Bh/cable/Doom), I just don’t think spiral fits in (just my opinion) - having sent helps so much.

True - for me its more about getting space to reload.


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