Spiral Q & A - Ducvader's Thread

Sup Yall,

   If you're a spiral player or someone who wants to learn how to play her. Post your questions in here and I will get back to you ASAP. My goal is to see more spiral players out there because to me I honestly think she can handle any team anyone throws at you. 

Here are some tips if you want to learn spiral.

  1. Learn how to block - doesn’t matter how good your spiral is - if you can’t block shes going to die and most likely your whole team will die as well.

  2. Learn to fight without knives once in a while - spiral isn’t about knives all the time - its about frustrating your opponent by dodging and blocking all his shit. Get them to fall into your game plan - don’t run after them - let them come to you.

  3. Practice the spiral/sent trap - go into training mode and have the computer set to all block and normal jump - you’ll know you got the trap down if the computer can not jump out of your trap. You will vary the speed of your knives to adjust to pushblocking in due time

  4. Once you learn all this you’ll be able to fight people without an anti air and eventually evolve to a level where you can put spiral with other characters and make a formidable team.


Using your team, a general lay out of what you do vs MSP would be appreciated. What do you do to stop mag from getting in? Once hes there, and your forced to block stuff like d+short+psylocke, short, do you just sit there and try to block mixups , or counter assist? fight back?

Dream thread. Crazy avatar.

A short run down of how you use spiral vs sent would be good - I got a general idea, I just want your take.
Plus tips for using wos would be good.
Also ,how do you adjust throwing swords once people push block a standing HP?

And how you get away with doing so many j Hp/sj Hps? :confused:

In the beginning of the match - mash on cable assist against magneto while crouching downback. 4 things can happen here.

  1. Cable hits mag - if he hits then you get free swords.

  2. You are blocking and cable doesn’t come out - if you are blocking then pushblock magneto . Watch out for another crossup.

  3. Magneto hits you from above but because cable is out there - they can’t snap you and cable because he sticks out there.

  4. They will jump up and dash over psy - block the other way.

The reason why you mash on cable assist is to limit their options against you. Instead of blocking high and getting hit - cable get’s hit instead.

If you start the trap on someone - make sure you adjust your knives according to when they pushblock - its possible to keep people in this trap for a very long time. If you think they will get it throw one knife and work with the remaining 5 knives. Don’t immediately do circle knives when they jump out. Wait and see what they are going to do next - most magnetos will SJ get close to you then dash up hoping that the circle knives will disappear. Once magneto is in you can do jab jap HP call drones - then teleport behind them while they are blocking drones - call your assist again making them block then call knives again.

I think the best way to learn this is to watch vids. Start with this for now and then come back later for more.

Sent - if he flies you can jump up throw maybe 1 or 2 knives then do the drop. The drop will pull sentinel into the knives and if you have sent drones he will have to block that too. I like playing against sentinel with spiral because hes such a big target and its easy to keep him grounded. Some sents like to spit low to hit you before your knives is thrown at them. Just make sure you block when it comes out - the faster you throw your knives against him the less likely you will get hit by his beam. Maybe watch the vids to see this. Explaining all this is kind of hard.


wow this is awesome. im just getting into marvel myself now and i plan to start using your team, duc. i just wish i knew more about the game to even know what to ask about. all i can say is that i want to get to the level where i can hold up to a random guy as fast as possible. any tips on that? hope this thread turns out good.

yeah. dream thread. from the guy himself. got a few questions in mind btw.

  1. when/what situations do you usually do the qcf+lk (with swords)
  2. some basic patterns with Sent-Y. the one u mentioned earlier to do in training mode.
  3. yeah i watch your vids. are her supers really that useless? or is it just that useless because it’s more important for cable to use?
  4. any annoying/bad matchups you can mention?
  5. i saw one of your vids(as far as i remember), when you AHVB during HSF. mind if you tell us how you did it?
  1. when/what situations do you usually do the qcf+lk (with swords)

Only use qcf + lk against magneto right when he is above you at the peak of your jump when they try to dash to the top to make your swords disappear. If you do this right - the circle swords will stay on the screen for a very long time. Against storm when she’s already used her dash and lightning attack during a superjump or when shes doing vertical typhoon. Make sure you don’t do it right under her because she can lightning super you. Position yourself at 7 or 5 oclock.

  1. some basic patterns with Sent-Y. the one u mentioned earlier to do in training mode.

Run up and press HP - wait till your HP is almost done with its animation then throw your swords at a speed where the computer can’t jump out + call sent assist with your first knife. You want to make sure you get at least the 5th or 6th knife out so that the drone assist will follow them when you reload.

  1. yeah i watch your vids. are her supers really that useless? or is it just that useless because it’s more important for cable to use?

Spiral doesn’t really need to use her supers. If you have 5 supers with her and most likely a good spiral will have this many then there is a safe super DHC to get cable in. This will leave cable with 3 supers but even that’s good enough for cable to work with since he can also build meter pretty fast.

  1. any annoying/bad matchups you can mention?

Most annoying matches would have to be the top 4. Spiral is not a top tier character - its going to take some work and patience to win with her. Storm has floating and lightning attack - she can avoid certain things that spiral throws where others can’t. Sentinel has low spits which can be annoying sometimes if you don’t look out for it and blindly throw out knives at the wrong time. Cable has a gun and he can shoot spiral if she doesn’t watch out with regard to her knife reloading. Magneto is a one hit wonder - if you can’t block you will die.

5. i saw one of your vids(as far as i remember), when you AHVB during HSF. mind if you tell us how you did it?

Pushblock the first drones then AHVB after the second drones - Similar to jumping out of HSF with small characters. You have to tiger knee the super - jumping normal then ahvb seems impossible and calling an assist to take the hit so you can super in the middle of the HSF doesn’t work - IIRC.


Honestly bro - when I played marvel back in the days - I would play against scrubs. When you win a lot of times against scrubs - this teaches you how to execute in a marvel game. Even before SHGL days I would go and play against peeps at this one “hole in the wall place” called GLADYS. Nowadays you can’t get the same kind of practice - I suggest playing against people who are better than you and asking them what you did wrong or right. Take what they tell you and work with the good and throw out the bad. Sometimes I would play a lower tier team to force myself to use what I have so when I do go to a higher tier team it would be easier to win.

CAmmy/cyc/ commando teaches team work and that team can win.


^^ wow!! thanks a lot. gotta change my AV to your team. LOL. j/k. that explains almost everything.

How exactly do you do the air combo into her throw super? I know it takes 3 bars, and you probably dont advise doing it. But id still like to know.

I’ve never said that I don’t advise not to do it because it really depends on how you are feeling in the match and how much of a lead you have against your opponent. If you have 5 bars and you have knives and they tag in and you know you can handle his second character then go for it. This is how you do the grab set up.

Cr lk, cr Hk, wait till you are next to them short short, circle knives, then do metamorph super at the time the first knives hit your opponent. Then all you need to do is press HP to grab them. If you do it right - they can not get out of it no matter what.


Cool, thanks. That oughta be cool to pull off.

Theres also someone else that plays spiral here but uses spiral, cable, and sabretooth with his projectile assist. Its really annoying because it seems that vs sent, is impossible if he gets caught on the ground because the bullets from birdy hold u in place for so long.

how do you combo into spirals knives super?

also, whenever i actually hit someone with her :hp: i like to snap out to the assist character. thats ok right?

If someone is using sabretooth to keep your sent down all you have to do is pushblock and jump out - this is assuming they keep the same pattern at all times.

As for comboing the spiral knife super - you need sentinel assist drones. Run up and press standing fierce and call sent assist - as soon as sents assist is about one character distance away from your opponent - immediately go into the knife super - the drones will hit and the knives will follow.


This helped quite a bit ( throwing swords really quickly) - I was losing matches to sent where I was losing out to mouth laser/typhoons or trading damage.

Spiral teams vs team clockw0rk
This question has popped up from time to time, and I geuss you’d be the best to answer it. Plus any tips on fighting sent/rocks would be good.
Also, I notice in your vids you do very few spiral busters - any reason why?

when exactly do you assist when doing the spiral sent trap? everyone tells me that im to send out sentinal assist on the 3rd knife during the trap but i think i read somewhere in your thread that i need to assist at the 1st sword. which one is the correct one?

#2 when exactly do you summon a new batch of swords? (right when the drones are about to make contact?)

thx alot

59420]when exactly do you assist when doing the spiral sent trap? everyone tells me that im to send out sentinal assist on the 3rd knife during the trap but i think i read somewhere in your thread that i need to assist at the 1st sword. which one is the correct one?

You’re suppose to wait till your fierce is almost done with all its animation then press LP and sent assist at the same time so technically yes you are suppose to call it during the first knife. I just press jab and sent at the same time using my index finger and my pinky finger and just time my knives so that the 6th or 5th sword is right in front of the drones. You are suppose to reload before the drones hit cause when they are blocking you will recover.

#2 when exactly do you summon a new batch of swords? (right when the drones are about to make contact?)

I think I’ve answered your question in the first response.

thx alot

what can spiral do against runaway storm + vertical typhoons? i cant see to get any swords on spiral if she gets me hit/blocking/dashing away from those typhoons.

hey deus, you can always tell when storm is about to do her vertical tyhoon so Right when you see her starting it… teleport and hold either LK/HK (depending on which side you are), so you can teleport to “their” side (escaping their typoons). From then on just attack+assist at the same time or launch, and do whatever from here

as for runaway storms, a good idea is to load swords and teleport on TOP of her, and throw swords/circle knives. But then again she could get you with LA (if she hasn’ted used all 3 yet), or just do a random LS to surround herself with lights… cause she knows your in “her area”. (which you can block, just expect it though, if the storm player is smart). Thats what i do, but maybe duc has some better ways of answering your questions

Hey DUC! Ever since day one, I’ve been using spiral. I definitely agree with you. we need more spiral players. She’s too underrated (to a lot of people, and to alot of decent/experts people, she’s not. lets get the whole entire marve scene to KNOW of her capbilities and to see more of her presences in matches) Experts know she’s one tough #@#$% to take down, and she can compete vs all characters (even the top 4) and do well. in my opinion. My signature team is Spiral/XX/Doom (i dont do the sent trap as much, im more in it for the INSANE chipping/extreme lockdown game) (especially when its the corner) as you can tell. I have a few questions. I haven’t seen all your matches, only a few and was wondering why you don’t do this… ? (or do you? maybe i havent seen the matches where you do , do this)

  • dash up to the middle of the screen + send assist (proj perferbbly to cover you & to keep the opponent distracted). Superjump.

*(and somewhere in there load swords, either on the ground before you dash or in the air).

  • Dance circles.
  • Reload,
  • Dance circles again (so theres 2 circles expanding in the air covering a ton of space)
  • Land.
  • Attack

or after landing, reload swords and SJ xx Dance Circles, land immediatly, call assst immediatly, dash in, HP… this is too good of a anti-rush method. . (that or just reloading swords, dashing to the middle of the screen/corner… SJ xx dance circles, land, and do whatever… load swords, and throw them while normal jumping, stuff like that) (so the sky is temporarily covered with your dance circle swords, PLUS your throwing them on the ground + normal jumping height… so basically swords are EVERYWHERE)

*Mag players go crazy and think… WTF how do i even get to her
*Flying sents will have a heck more trouble and will stay on the ground a bit more often then expected. if they HSF, teleport on top of them.
*never try it on a storm with bars (cause she can hail). right? If you do do this, how often do you do it? and if you don’t, then isn’t it something all spiral players should do? cause i rarely ever see people do it and think it’s extremely effective. i do it often cause it definiltely gives me my space, and keeps anti-rushers away

againest storms, do you often (with loaded swords) NJ, and throw swords? so that just incase she hails, swords interrupt her while she’s floating back? My question is do you do that? and if so whats the % chance that it interrupts? Mine’s 90% ish cause im always doing it… right when that storm’s on the other side, im just expecting her to do hail :slight_smile: (this is simliar to strider’s bomb method used on AVHB cables, throw the bombs and JUST incase cable hits you/starts his AVHB, the bomb will interrupt… kai/cl0ck do it)

Well spiral can build meter really fast against runaway storms. Do the super jump then fast drop call assist fast drop rh sj HK fast drop repeat etc… Repeat this when she is hella far away from you because if you do you will build meter almost as fast as storm and mags. Teleporting does work only if your opponent doesn’t expect you to teleport… or you can wait for your opponent to waste her lightning attack and dashes in the air then do circle swords under them. If they block do circle swords twice for more chip. If shes doing something to you like building meter then do the same thing and build meter. No one knows how fast spiral can build meter - I personally think she can build meter faster than storm or magneto.

If storm doesn’t use up all her artilary then throw some normal jump swords from a distance at a speed where if she gets hit by your swords she will be juggled and you will have enough time to run up to her and combo her or if you are playing spiral sent commando you can spiral super into dhc sentinel and hit them.

BE PATIENT - don’t be an idiot and try to rush her down when she is running away - just build meter and when shes grounded chip her and stay in the lead.


PS - when a storm does vertical typhoon - you can walk or dash forward then call knives. The typhoon will appear behind you and miss.