Spiral/Sent trap

I’ve been trying to learn how to play the well known team Spiral/Cable/Sent, but I still don’t have my Spiral play down correct. For example, I dont know the entire sequence of the infamous Spiral/Sent trap. I know its somthing like [call swords - dash in - lp repeatedly to launch swords - fp - call sent - repeat]. I also am not sure about the rest of my spiral play, combos, genreal stradagey, ect.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

call sentinal out superjump land, throw out swords while pressing sentinal assist button, reload,wave dash (2punches) shoot out swords while bringin out sentinal
you have to reload fast and mash the low punch so the swords come out fast

and another one is jump shoot swords while calling sent
reload jump sent
you get the point
always use her speed up and power ups they are very good!!

never use spirals supers, they suck and the meter is meant for the cable.
I could write down how I trap with spiral but I think it’s better if everyone just finds there own tune to trap with.

hey guys got any good spiral vids??

Search on the Goforbroke hub (Direct Connect) for Amirs vid, dj-B13 also had a chapter on spiral - really good combos.