Spiral spacings

Im a fairly new Rose player and im having a hard time spacing spirals correctly when in the close-mid range. When doing pokes or bnbs into a spiral, what are the specific types of spirals you should be doing? A lot of times and in different situations I seem to be either overestimating the space and getting punished, or underestimating it and whiffing. For example, which spirals would you use after a fairly distanced cr.strong, or cr.jab, cr.short, cr.strong to make it most safe and are there any specific situations where it would be safer to cancel into spark?

the rule of thumb is that if you cancel a move into spiral, it will hit on the first active frame most on the time.

light is for specific combo ( clp, clp, clk, cmp, light spiral works on some character,…)
medium is the standard for combo ( works where hard don’t and its a bit more safe than light to be on the safe side)
hard is for poke, frame trap,… when you know it’s not going to combo ( or have a real doubt )
ex is for bnb and cmp/cmk far poke with os.

about spark:
lp spark is -8 on hit ! ( which mean some character can ultra you on hit ! ) it’s never safe. It will be punish not than often, specially if you do it at a certain distance.

I start to use it if I can see my opponent start to mash shoryu between cmp x spiral on block. but that about it.

The spacing is pretty tight. Theres a pretty narrow range where lp spiral will whiff and mp spiral won’t combo. Alot of times it depends on the character your hitting, and whether on not their standing or crouching. After a while you get a sense of when to use lp or mp spiral. And when in doubt, use EX.

MP spiral is the best one to use after a string. Like from point blank range, a blocked jab-jab, short, strong, mp spiral is probably -2. From a little further than close range it can go to about 0 on block. Hitting with a max range mp spiral on block seems like its probably +1 at best.
Just know that canceling into MP spiral isn’t a true blockstring.

on medium to small characters you need to use EX spiral after your cr.mp. Not so much on the bigger characters.

Trial and error. Just keep playing and it will come to you.

Correct spiral info. First you’ll need to the know the frame properties of each strength of spiral. LK Spiral has the fastest start up 12 frames and the worst recovery frame -8 on block. LK spiral most of the time is used for linking into hit confirm. MK Spiral 15 frame start up and -6 frames on block and HK spiral 16 frame start up with -4 on block .this version has the longest reach and is best used for footies. Space correctly and you’re safe from all reversals except some supers.

Go to training mode and learn the distance to use HK Spiral at max (best) range. Its a block and a half on the ground. HK Spiral is also used for pressuring with Cr. mp xxx HK Spiral but keep in mind this isnt a true block string. used moderately .