Spiral Strats: HELP!



Ive been up and down this whole forum looking to find some good Spiral Strats but at the most part have had no luck.

Ive pretty much got the Spiral/Sent Corner trap and V sword wall down pretty well and I even came up with a variation of the Spiral/Sent corner trap. The team i generaly use is Spiral/Sent/Doom but even though i use the two listing techs above i still tend to let people get in to close to do real dmg.

If anyone out there has any good tip on how to use Spiral more effectively any input is appreciated.:smiley:


The third member of the SS team varies. Alota people choose cable, since he prolly benifits most from Spiral battery, But others opt for a keepaway assist… i.e. cammyAAA, which is what I use.

Unless you really love doom, a switch to cammy, cyc, or capcom AAA would be an easy adjustment to your team.

Otherwise, when they come close(and its normally from above) dash forward, and throw more swords… if that doesn’t work, dash forward, and teleport.


Yes that does make up for lost ground, but i need to know when to use certain skills… ie. teleport and ring of swords and anyother skills i havnt mentioned. An how to implament them in to a non-stop flury of gaurd and non-gaurd dmg to compliment this with a more efficient Strategy.

Anyone with Strat imputs with any of these Skills will be xtremly helpful and very much appreciated.


What are some do’s and don’t’s with spiral? I haven’t seen too many spirals so I’d like to get an idea of how they are played.


Dont use her sword super unless your 100% sure it’ll hit or if you can keep them grounded long enough for it to chipc, its just too slow to do any good. actually if you want to switch out you can do it and quickly canel into a safe super such as the hailstorm. besides, there’s better ways to bring characters in safely. like loading the swords and throwing all six and then manually switching in right away so that the swords will cover for the character while he does his taunt or whatever.
when you load the swords, there’s only two things you should do with them, either throw them with lp, or use that move where they surround her(qcf, lk). don’t use those other moves where she throws all of them at once. characters can easily get out of the way and punish spiral for that.
dont just teleport the whole match. spiral has a nasty chipping game so you should abuse those swords.
dont use the 3 level super that much unless you have a good chance of grabing the opponent, like when they’re cornered.
use her quick fall move to catch your opponents off guard, you can even teleport in the middle of this move before you land to try and confuse your opponent.
sentinel drones assist is spiral’s best friend, so learn sentinel and use this assist with her
one last thing, a good way to start her trap, the one with the fierce on the ground, especially against characters with air dashes and ability to fly, is to load her swords superjump, do her quick falling move while throwing swords on the way down, and then calling sentinel assist when you land.


don’t use spiral’s sword super period.

Other characters can make better use of the super, and spiral does enough damage chippping with dancing swords

CoS is generally an anti-air move.

Hypermetamorpasis can be used in two combos… Unless you’ve teleported behind someone’s super AND they have no meter, comboing into it are the ONLY applications for it.

she has standard lk, lk, CosXXHypermeta(remember to c.lk, c.hk if it finishes in the corner)

and you can do c.lk, s.hp(call sent.drones)Xxhypermeta, dash in, launch, lk, lk, grab

the ac low kicks are done somewhat slow, or else the character will either go too high or too low

also… due to guard cancils, spiral can still do nonstop swords, but she has to be MUCH more careful.


thanks all
Ill keep all those tips in mind.

What are some tips to beating the top 4 and strider/doom?

I’m still pretty new to spiral.


Spiral’s sword super hurts in combos… If you connect a short, consider using it. It’s good if you want to DHC into Sent.

Or you can also snapback, or combo into the LVL 3.


i was wondering i want to know how to do running away from the oppent she goes all the way at the top the of the screen and never goes down until the time if over how do you do it can u teach me plss!!!


Sounds like the Gambit/Ruby heart glitch.

Spiral can’t do that… You can teleport in the top right corner of the screen all the time… but this is always relative to your opponent… so if your opponent is on the ground, you’ll teleport relatively close to the ground.


How would you combo into her ground super [the kinves obviously]


lol… I don’t think its reliable, cuz I think they recover after getting hit from the first volley of swords


I don’t think you can combo into the sword super at all without an assist.


K… I just tested some stuff out w/ spiral/sent… and it does combo I think…tho I’ll need someone to test this out on a real opponent.

It works in the corner, though I’m not sure about it working always midscreen. it goes:

c.lk(call sent[ground]), c.lk, hp[on 3rd hit]Xxsword wall super.

does between 64-68 damage if all three volleys hit…

Somewhat useful, though If you screw up this super is easy to punish imo.

is this old news btw??


QCF+PP can’t be comboed without an assist, but since you can call most assist that you would use for that combo (like Sent) after connecting a c/s short, it’s quite reliable.

And I’ve never seen a standing opponent eat the first of the super volley and block the rest.

The combo is basically short-forward-fierce, qcf+PP when your assist is about to hit.

Since you’re doing a fierce, the hitstun is long enough for you leave a small gap between the s.fierce and the asisst, giving you even more time for the super to connect.
With most assists the combo is guaranteed anywhere.

… And you can DHC into your second character, and so forth.
There are a lot of 100% DHCs that can start with that combo.

Also, Spiral has the really fun (with knives loaded) short-forward-Roundhouse, toss 3 knives, dash short-forward roundhouse-toss 3 knives, dash short-forward-fierce+asisst combo.
then you have a choice of QCF+PP, meta, speed up inf, or reload again, and repeat the 3kicks-3knives, into a launcher to get the corner throw repeat combo.


If you’re midscreen they have a chance of recovering after the first volley.
It happened to me alot when I first used it alot… then I got smart…

neh… the semi-infinite has too much startup., and I think you’ll get hit by an assist if you throw only 3 swords and dash in. I’ll try it out though… It’ll only work on big characters I’m assuming.


I mean, it never happens when you combo it.
Doing it ouf of a combo? That’s just insane. :smiley:


I don’t really follow you there… semi infinite? startup? The only not-guaranteed combo i mentioned was the corner air throw semi-inf, and that’s because you can tech.


In or out of a combo, if You don’t have them in the corner, you won’t consistently get all three vollies… and as I said before, other characters could make better use of the meter

Startup… as in, if you try to speed up while/before sent’s drone’s hit opponent, they’ll recover in time to run away/call an assist…

You never mentioned a corner semi-infinite…

and I still don’t think your kickchain->3 swords->kickchain
combo works… how often do you play spiral??


how do you do it…?? cause they done it 2 me… and even gambit and ruby heart!! how plss teach me…!!!


If done right, the combo never fails. in OR out of the corner. After a standing Fierce, Spiral is at a good distance for the super. Just don’t use an assist that pushes the opponent to a full screen distance. That’s when the second volley misses.
With Sent drones, the combo works perfectly if you activate the super just before the first drone hits. If you wait until the drones hit before doing the super, your opponent will get pushed back to a full screen distance.


It combos. After short-forward-fierce-drones, Spiral can do any one of her supers. The power up only works in the corner, because her dash is too slow.
You can also reload swords and dash in.


I mentioned the air throw semi infinite in the corner. It works great if you combo the power up super just before. Stuff like (while loaded, a screen away from the corner MAX) jumping fierce, dashing short-forward roundhouse, 3 swords, dash short-forward-roundhouse-3 swords, dash short-forward-fierce-drones-power up, dash short-c.roundhouse, Sjumping short-forward-kick throw, land, c.roundhouse, repeat. With the power up and the damage scaling reset, this combo hurts.


Theory fighter sucks. Try things for yourself once in awhile.

I’ve been playing her non-stop since, well, the game came out.
I’ve done this stuff in tournament play. It’s guaranteed.