Spiral swords --> lunar phase

I’ve been reading around in the combo thread trying to find stuff on how to link lunar phase after spiral swords, my BnB being:
c:l:, c:m:, c:h:, :f::h:, :qcb::m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :h:, roundtrip, :s:, :h:, :qcf::l:, :dp::atk::atk:, :dp::m: ~~~
the last kick on lunar phase sometimes misses so they tech out and i wanna know (and probably many others) what you guys do to get the last kick to hit
what i do to get it sometimes is after judgement cut i input spiralz really quickly so the cut has barely come out yet and backdash but the timing is really strict for me soo other tips would be helpful

Either do c.H xx swords or do j.d+H x 2 instead of lunar phase.

Use a medium judgment cut instead of a light judgment cut and see what happens. That seems to work more consistently for me.

Link 2H after 236L and cancel that into swords, like Andy said. Alternatively, you can wait a bit after the judgement cut before activating swords to get them to the proper height, but that both gets you less damage and is a bit more difficult, so there’s really no point doing it that way.
Also, the 2H-link is a bit easier if you slightly delay the judgement cut.