Spiral Tips



I’m willing to help people who are coming online with xbox / ps to learn spiral. Most of the info you need can be found in duc’s thread, and most of my influence to main spiral came from him and ricky ortiz (who isn’t known for using her).

If duc isn’t around to help out, post questions here and I can perhaps help answer. I’ve been playing since the game first hit arcades and did well in tournamentes in the past.

Anyway, I love Spiral Cable Sent and would love to help anyone new who cant find advice in the duc thread.



Some general spiral tips to help you out:

-QCB + roundhouse during a super jump is the main way against most teams to get your knives without getting hit. The reason is that they have to guess whether or not you are calling an assist (which you can do even after a sj because of the nature of the quick drop special move), or going to simply get knives. Quick drop into an anti air every now and then is the best way to get players away from you until you reach players of higher caliber. You can mix a teleport in randomly during any part of this process to throw them off.

-Against cable call sentinel and see what he does. If he AHVB you can teleport, but watch out for a DHC to something that could hit you, such as hailstorm. Keep in mind that you are using a trap to build meter for cable, and that the nature of your goal may cause the game to go to zero on the timer. You can let a helper get near death by AHVB and can regenerate the helper by not using it for I beleive 40 seconds for full health. You can also avoid guardbreak when you come in as spiral by pushblocking whatever hits you and teleporting asap. This is hard with lag however.

Against Magneto see Duc’s thread, he gives the best advice, however you have to be super careful about calling assists because if you block wrong you may lose Cable to a snap into launch-infinite.

-Eventually you will come across Storm players that run away from you once spiral dies. If spiral does not die you can use her to accomplish the most chip damage. You can use AHVB over and over to lock them down and be forced to block knives for every round of blocked AHVB. That is why it is very good to keep Sprial alive as your cable gets in. You can do 40-45 percent block damage if I remember correctly with 5 meters + spiral. Don’t forget that scimitar goes all the way up and can pressure storm up high if she tries veritcal typhoons.

-You can set up an inescapable level 3 super with spiral by a close launch into the super using the fierce grab. Launch, cancel into the level 3, then hold up+forward. Mash fierce punch and you can grab any character as far as I know.

-BnB air combo is launch into 1, 2, 3, time delay, 4, dp+punch grab, throw them straight ahead and then get a free knife call.

-Mashed fierce grab on the ground can be mashed for 35% or more every time if you are certain you are about to land the grab. Hard part is knowing if you are grabbing them or not.

-Mix low kick x 2 into snapback along with the standard standing fierce into knife / assist trap. You may be able to score a launch infinite, or at least get their anti-air into the game.

-Keeping sprial alive is also good because as sentinel you can hold them in perpetual block stun by using her and Setintel’s fierce / rocketpunch for a lot of block damage.

Safe ways to get Cable in: Knife X3, dash forward and 2 knives, cancel jab attack into cable switch. Should get him in safe. Also Alpha counter into cable into AHVB if you block something that allows it, althrough I have had a lot of trouble doing this with lag online.

That’s it for now.


Thanks for the tips. I just got my replacement XBox and I’m gonna play MvC2 tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I have any questions.


Good stuff.

One thing I noticed online is that the teleport is no longer reliable on reaction to avoid AHVBs and other bugged supers. Hopefully this will get fixed, because it really hurts spiral against Cable.

About traps. Once you have the feel of the standard ground trap with Sent assist, you’ll know ahead of time when you trap is going to fail. That’s okay, because once you notice these things, you can prepare ahead of time and trap them during their superjump and begin the ground trap once more.

Alternatively, if you know your opponent is going for something specific, it’s good to practice tossing knives outside the regular trap pattern to prevent it. Storm for example. tossing knives at regular jump height will stuff her hailstorm.

Jumping fierce is all around an excellent move. very good to nail air dashers in the head.

My team of preference is Spiral/Sent/Commando, but for those that want to safe switch Cable, you can do a full knife toss from full screen, and switch at the same time as the last knife. You can also combo it, by landing a c.short-c.forward-s.roundhouse, toss 3 knives XX switch.

Once you have the opponent trapped, especially in the corner, you can, if you want, begin your pressure to land a hit to combo a super or snap back an assist. a c.short can lead into a super knives DHC, or a lvl3 grab.


Very good points.

In the arcade you could almost react to AHVB with a teleport, because they will be aiming for the assist at first. Now with lag AHVB is hard to even block on reaction.

When you know the opponent is going to have time to get out of the trap, keep your knives and mix up running away with agression. As mentioned, fierce air-to-air is an excellent move and I use it all the time. If it hits you get free knives.

Also not to be forgotten is the down+fierce while in the air. It can stuff some moves that regualr fierce will not.


Adding to that -
Down feirce , HK is good anytime you teleport above HSF


Very helpful.

Spiral is my favorite character, and I love to use characters with a powerful projectile, space controlling, and keep away game.

I’ll be coming back to this thread often.


If you have the meter, her Level 3 right after you teleport above HSF is even better.

Pretty much unavoidable unless your opponent can get creative (and take a risk).


Meh, starting a match against Mags online is a pain in the ass with Spiral/Sent/Commando.

I’m talking about the very start. Capcom is useless. He just gets stuffed, and if Spiral gets hit you lose Commando. Sent drones come out too late.

I’m looking at my options, a surefire way to get mags off my back when the round starts, and here’s what I have:

Cable AAA - not invincible, and I’m not sure if it stuffs Psy. Mags can get lucky and kick him in the head.
Cammy AAA - if she hits an assist instead, Mags doesn’t go away.
Ken AAA -
Cyclops AAA -
Jin AAA - hits both sides, good against crossups.

I’m gonna try all of these tonight, but any help would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


Please post more this is good info


Well, it all depends on what type of assist you have for every team member. I see you have the typical Capcom assist, and the Sentinel as well. But which one do you have for Spiral? The reason I asked is because you may need to just switch your lineup around depending on her assist. If you have the projectiles, then I would advise starting Sent first, and having her second. Also, when the match starts, dont just sit there. You must, MUST get moving with her, or else she’s gonna have trouble with ManiacMan…ehem Magneto. When the match starts, teleport and fence out some swords. This makes Mags a little wary of you, so he kinda has to respect your attacks now. Key: When you have the knives, aggressive opponents arent as aggressive anymore. Its kinda like Strider with his urobos, its like he has the koodies, no one wants to come near him. So, use that quite often. Also, use her special moves, speed-ups, power-ups. This combined with assist and teleportation adds a well-rounded assault into your gameplan. And last but not least, her level3 super. Ive kinda been working on this move on actual opponents, and have had success. Usually though, no one falls for it. What you need to do to make it more likely, is fence swords. Now, they have to decide if they want to block the chipping (but actually get pushed into the corner for the level3) or sacrifice damage instead of being grabbed. You can add the teleporting with it as well, to make em afraid to jump. Theres a lot of tactics at hand with Spiral. Shes one of my fav players, because she reminds me of those bad-ass kung-fu chics in the movies. Work on it, and you’ll get better with the team.


Starting Sent/spiral/XX against Mags may help the start of the match, but I don’t know any reliable way to safely switch Spiral in, which is a big problem. DHC isn’t safe, slow grenade drones as well, especially against Mags. Countering Spiral in may work if you counter a beam or something, but if you counter a rushdown hit and Mags avoids or doesn’t block all the swords, you risk losing Spiral. unless you know a safe way to bring Spiral in against Mags, I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

Teleport when match starts might lose to Mag’s c.lk. Online, Mags can’t use the switch glitch c.lk, but it’s still a fast attack. Add online lag, and teleport may only work if they tri-jump at the start . Either way, if you teleport at the start of the match, don’t load swords! it’s much too slow and you’re too close to Mags at that point. Instead, land and SJ away, or do j. fierce + sent drones after you reappear.

Speed up and power up are fine in corner combos, but I haven’t found much use when trapping. The slow startup also needs to be covered, and that time could be used reloading/trapping. IMO of course.

LvL3 super can be comboed into, with COS in an air combo, by activating during a drone hit, then launching into sj-lk-sj.mk, lvl3 throw, etc. There’s lots of ways to do it. You can also land it on opponents doing a super that you avoided, like teleporting a HSF or AHVB, but be very careful not to be hit by a DHC. IMO Activating the lvl3 and then hoping for it to land is a waste of meter.

After giving it some thought, I’m going to try Spiral/Cable/Sent instead of Spiral/Sent/Commando. Sent/Commando is a great combination, but I think Commando AAA is a bit superfluous with Spiral. It has some uses, but he’s not essential. It’s going to be a tough change, since I’ve been playing with Commando on that team for a long fucking time :stuck_out_tongue:

The only gripe I had with Spiral/Cable/Sent is that my Cable/Sent sucks against rushdown :p. I thought about putting Cable third, but there’s 2 problems with that:

If Spiral dies, and you couldn’t safe switch Cable in with swords, Sent comes in. At that point, you pretty much need to waste 2 levels to DHC Cable in, and it’s not 100% safe. Having him 2nd means Cable comes in with 5 levels, and if you’d rather have Sent on point, you can easely AHVB XX HSF.

Also, Sent inevitably takes more damage as an assist on that team. Having him 3rd lets him heal more.


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Spiral/Cabs/Sent is quite good. But all of them are pretty slow, so you have to mix & match their executions well. If Spiral is gonna be first against Mags with your team, you need to keep her aerial, and work in some of her attributes in the air. Mags will follow you into the air, so work on her cyber grab, which can be done numerous times. I believe they can tech out, but its all about buying time and building levels. The key against Mags is to buy time, and chip away at him until he decides to tag out. THIS IS KEY. Not many char can fight him straight up, so you have to work at his flaws, that make him tag out. Mags is actually kinda weak, so level 3 can get him running. If I were you, Id play Spiral/Doom/Sent. Fencing/Doom assist takes a lot of damage. And with Sent, Spirals projectile assist takes a lot of chip damage. Teleporting at the beginning is helpful, because you DONT HAVE TO STOP DOING IT. Once you do it once, do it again, then fence, then Doom/Sent assist. Thats a great tactic to keeping Mags honest, and making the battle more even.


I think Banshee knows a bit more than you think he does.
Spiral / doom is ass compared to spiral / sent
wtf is up with the terms
Cyber grab? = spiral buster?

Fence? Fencing?

Teleporting multiple times on magneto is a great way to get ROM’ed or punished after any flying screen set ups


I like this thread ,

I just recently started using Sprial. I was looking for another 3rd to Cyke/Cable who wasnt Sent since I wanted another option and ended realizing how good she teams up with both of them.

So im using Spiral - A , Cable-A ( B ive been testing against certain characters ) and Cyke - B .
Very defensive keep away. But without a God ( Cable isnt a full god to me ) it is a little bit of a uphill battle at times. But I also switch to Sent/Cable/Cyke or Storm/Sent/Cyke If im getting owned by certain teams due to my lack of experience with Spiral.

But im definitly needing Spiral help since she is completly new to me.


Remind me to talk to you when I want to know the terms for… EVERY FREAKIN CHARACTER IN EVERY FIGHTING GAME KNOWN TO MANKIND!!!
Who really cares what she says? A geek like you, thats who…
Thinking Spiral/Sent is better than Spiral/Doom is a undetermined conclusion. Just because you have Sent on your team, doesnt make you a GOD player. The reason it is undetermined, is because you have to take into consideration the matchups. If youre playing against MSS, then either one will be fine. MSP, I personally would play SDS, treating MSP like Strider/Doom. And teleporting doesnt put you in danger, because Mags cant READ YOUR MIND!!! HE DOESNT KNOW WHEN OR WHERE YOU’LL STOP!!!Most likely, she’ll be too high for Mags to do a infinite anyway. Also, it keeps the inevitable jab/psylocke setups obsolete. How can he infinite if he cant position himself to a target? Its like trying to grab air…Of course, if you do it too much, he’ll start to zoom in on where you’ll stop teleporting i.e beginning to chip with assist.etc.


lol …


Ok, I’ll bite.

First off, fellow members, don’t believe everything you read from our good friend 9Rev.

Huh… no. Spiral/Sent can lock down, and gives Spiral practical combos. Spiral/Doom gives you a half-assed trap, and that’s it. Also, it’s fairly obvious that Sent’s stamina gives him an edge as an assist.

Spiral/Doom/Sent? Why? Psy and mags can hit doom when he comes out. He’s no good for spiral to get Mags off her back. And once you get the trap going against Mags or Storm, you’re going to use Sent, not doom.

Spiral doesn’t need two assists that cover the same area. With Spiral/Sent, the third character should have as many of the following attributes as possible:

-be a good assist to get rushdown off her back (invincibility, area of attack, speed of assist)
-cover an area of the screen the trap/sent doesn’t cover, in case of fuckups.
-make good use of the meter she creates if it’s the 2nd character.
-Be useful with Sentinel, either on point or an asisst.
-add damage to combos (useful if you main spiral and want to keep her on as long as possible)

Doom rocks are awesome, and Doom is a good character, but Spiral/Sent doesn’t really need either. She can get much better options from other characters.

Spiral is vulnerable when she reappears. Anyone with an air dash or long reach or the appropriate assist can get you if you’re not careful. It’s really not that hard. Also, DHCs into supers like hail are retardadly easy to catch spiral when she reappears.

Teleporting carelessly may work against scrubs, but it’s a bad habit.



Banshee, the best way to switch in Spiral when starting Sentinel is to use a combo that flying screens them into a knife ball, Tag in Spiral while they’re in hit stun, and continue the combo. Not that I’d want to start Sentinel.