Spirals Infinite

I have just started to use spiral within the past few days and ive benn looking around for Spirals Infinite with no luck. But what i have found are a bunch of crappy worded combos that make absolute no sence and i was wondering if anyone could clear things up. on top of that i got to go to mini tournament So i got to get this down quickly because of the handy cap we have been givin. So if you think ur able to help a lost soul feel free to reply:D

Before I go into spiral, I’d advise you to look up the street fighter vernacular. alot of the basic information is in the threads already listed…I’m prolly gunna regret doing this…

First of all, spiral has no infinities… at least none practical that I know of. She does though have a semi-infinite with her speedup super, but that too is impractical.

Spiral’s main game is her swords, so by the tourney, make sure you can do a HCB+P(halfcircle-back+punch). Basically, you wanna play semi-defensive. Spiral has two types of traps: the Wall of Swords trap, and the Close Trap(I don’t know of its “official” name). Both traps are vulnerable to timed pushblocks(guardcanciling). despite this, their uses are still there if you get to know her enough.

Spiral and Sentinel gotogether like cheech and chong, or bread and butter. To do both traps with greates efficiency, you’ll need sentinel on your team(its a package deal). DoomAAA is said to work well, but I find the randomness of his rocks unreliable.

Anyways, this is how the trap works.(both require sent on ground assist.)

the Wall of Swords trap is simple.
2-load swords(HCB+P)
3-throw swords(mash low punch) going down
4-rejump and throw swords going up
~~after the next load and throw, on the way down, call sentinel assist.

Simple, and works great against storm, since it takes away her ability to do hailstorm… thats really it.

The close trap works as such:
1-Load swords
2-Dash in, HP(Fierce punch)
3-lp, lp, lp+call sent, lp, lp, lp
4-as drones are flying by, reload->step 2

this one requires timing. So practice it up.

use spiral’s circle of swords(QCF+lk) as an AAA, and her B&B after
a launcher is lk, lk, CoSXXHypermeta, grab.

These are the basics. look the rest of the strats and combos up plz.

In Appreciation

gbursine i thank you for clearing up everything that clouded my mind and giving more indepth info on sprirals corner traps. Also i may add that i do use Sentinal and that i was having trouble figuring out when i should call him out when i was exicuting either of the combos. so Thank You Kindly :slight_smile:

But i could use some info on other types of combos or where to get vids that contain Spiral with some decent combos

Reply either to this Thread or PM with any and info if you feel like it

Her B&B combo as stated before is launch /\ lk, lk COS xx into
Hypermeta grab i have a easier time grabing with lp then fp. She also has the regular magic series combos or combos that end with grabs. Learn her traps and teleports that will come in handy against the AHVB and the HSF and some of the other supers out their.

Spiral must be played seim-defensive to win. Little error is need IMO to win with her. Watch vids of Duc playing Spiral.

dash-in, s.lk, s.lk, s.hk, throw 3 swords, dash-in, s.lk, s.lk, s.hk, throw 3 swords + Sent-ground XX load swords, dash-in, s.lk, s.lk, s.hk, throw 3 swords, dash-in, s.lk, s.lk, s.hk, throw 3 swords, dash-in, s.lk, s.lk, c.hk, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, mk, pause, throw]

someone posted something like this here a while back, good if you wanna go flashy :confused: timing is very crucial here especially the sword throwing and the Sent-ground assist

IMO i feel that spiral has a total package to stop anyone that comes up to the plate. Spiral has to be played in the right hands to be consider a threat. Ive good spiral players and ive seen sorry ones. I must say the sorry ones need more practice to be consider a threat. Her main game is keeping the opponent away and building meter.

What are some good teams for her. We all know that SENT is the best choice but what is your 3rd opition. I use Spiral/Sent/capcom but ive seen spiral/cable/sent/ and spiral/sent /doom.

Throw Air Combo [in corner]

dash in with c.lk, launcher, sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.mk, Kick throw, relaunch, repeat combo, relaunch, sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.mk, sj.fp…

It does some nice damage but it’s tech hittable… so you should just do this combo only once and then finish the combo with the Spiral Buster [Dragon Punch throw]. This combo does insane damage if you got the power-up super on. :cool:

What are some good teams for her. We all know that SENT is the best choice but what is your 3rd opition. I use Spiral/Sent/capcom but ive seen spiral/cable/sent/ and spiral/sent /doom. **

I’m using spiral - IM (AAA) - sentinel, as well as spiral - cable - sentinel.
I suck with IM but Repulsor blast helps spirals get some good combos. It lasts fairly long too, and DHC Proton Cannon comes in handy.


  • Good assist for setting up swords
  • Sent/Cykes just as good, if not better, as Sent/Capcom
  • Spiral’s projectile and Sent’s ground goes well with Cykes
  • VC friendly, if needed

Cyclops could be great as we have seen with Ducs old team of Spiral/Cable/cyclops. My question is if she has cyclops on the team what happens when someones blocks his AAA or has Capcom.

I use Cammy AAA, but whenever I do call her, I’m either loading swords, or throwing them to cover her ass whether they block it or not.

You can actually hit Commando AAA with a low knife/s before he comes out - obviously hard timing.

you will die vs magneto with sentinel,since hes all everyone plays
sadly i resort to charlie assist,so i wall of swords till he jumps wait for the air dash then assist,or just predict the super jump out.that shit is hella hard to get out of,but beside mag team i play spiral,cable,BH