Spitfire OTG. Help?

Air Grab > Spitfire OTG > Wild Ripper

This is something I’ve been slacking off on for a while. When I land a grab I’ll usually opt for a super or bear trap because I just can’t get the Spitfire OTG to land consistently, even in training mode.

Are there any resources out there to help with the timing? Any advice at all?

You just gotta do it lol. Since there’s a specific height you have to get to. I haven’t tried it off of an air throw, but off a ground throw you can TK TK Spitfire. Maybe you have enough time to land first?

I’ll practice it a bit today when I get the chance, and I’ll let you know what I find.

Sounds good dude thanks.

So I did it in match today. You have enough time to land, then TK otg. That would be the most consistent.

Okay cool. I’m gonna fire up training mode now.


Okay I’m doing better than I was before but it’s still not consistent. Now I’m having trouble getting the S to connect afterwards.

Like normal I figured out a scumbag way to do it with Cold Star, but I want to learn it the right way lol.

It should look like this : Throw > TK OTG > very minute dash > f.H (WAIT till it almost ends) S

Oh shit you’re supposed to dash…

It’s kind of like a plink, at least, that’s how I do it. Any extra space I can cover before Wild Ripper is good.

I already do something like that in order to add range to my unblockables so I think I got this…