Splash Mountain



I am a street fighter noob and just need some info on El Fuerte. I couldn’t find what I was looking for online and thought you guys could help. What is El Fuerte’s splash mountain move actually called?

Also does anyone actually have a still of him preforming it on a female character?

Thanks in advance

Elle :slight_smile:


It’s called Tostada Press. The names of the moves are listed in the moves list menu for each character.

You could’ve just asked in the General Discussion; no need to make a new thread.


Thanks, ah sorry, guess I am a forum noob too. lol


If anyone does have a still/pic/art work of him mid Tostada Press with a female character I would really appreciate it.





As shown in the above video splash mountain is more of a term as to when you are repeatedly hitting them with tostada