Anybody seen this movie? I dunno if its a drama, a love story, a sci fi, a horror, or what.

Great movie, altogether. Ending seems a little predictable and rushed, but meh, still a great story overall.

My only complaint is that it never seems to “take off”. You keep waiting for something SUPER fucked up to happen, but it never seems to happen (although some fucked up shit happens!!!).


[details=Spoiler]this generations Species

freaky sex a plenty :wink: [/details]

i should also mention i have had a crush on Sarah Polley since I met her during Road to Avonlea


Before the movie my cousin’s friend literally begged us not to watch the movie. I laughed him off, assuming he had bad taste in films. This was supplemented with the ratings on rottentomatoes.com that have this movie in the seventy percentile range.

I’m going to cut to the chase… this movie was beyond bad. I was embarrassed to be in the theater, much less walk out of it. To say the plot in this film was retarded would be a flattering understatement.

To be quite honest, anybody who finds this movie on any plane relevant to the word “good” or “decent”, in my opinion, should be stabbed in the face.

For those if you in contemplation of watching this film, as was once implored of me, I now implore you all to not watch this movie. Seriously. How this film escaped its deserving single digit percentile rating on rottentomatoes.com is a mystery I shall most likely ponder in my last moments on this earth.


what was your honest problems with the movie? Only complaints I hear are from conservative fucks who dont like the sex sceneS.
It wasn’t stellar, I admit. But its a great movie that at least leads you to ponder shit, along the journey.

I still say its one of the top horror movies of the last 5 years


Your spiteful dictation of conservative people is very interesting. That and tagging the title with presumptuous notions related to the sex scenes.

[spoiler=] The movie was just flat out stupid. Don’t even get me started on the innumerable discontinuities with reality, aside from the whole, you know, splicing deal. I will admit, the movie had my utmost attention and intrigue in the beginning, but the moment I saw the scene with the creature wearing a dress and carrying around a teddy bear, the movie seemed like one ridiculous joke from that point on.

As I think this post out in reminiscent respect to the film, it depresses me that I actually paid money for this film.

From the creature going from some little alien looking thing to an attractive woman, that was stupid. The creature being amphibious, with wings, and amazingly strong and acrobatic, that was stupid. The creature changing sex and raping Elsa, that was stupid. Elsa treating the creature like it was her daughter, the guy treating it like a creature, then the roles reversing, stupid and cliche. That scene where the guy tells the creature they love it and then it runs into his arms with dramatic music int he background, stupid, cliche, and cheesy.

I could go on and on and on and on and on. It was almost as if the director said “let’s see how much retarded crap we can get away with!”.

If the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise created a comedy, dimmed the lighting, eliminated the pg-13 humor, this movie would be the result.


I’m convinced that the only type of people appreciative of this film have an appreciation for outlandish, abnormal, and creepy films. In the sense that you fool yourself into liking the film, when in reality and comparison to other quality films, it is just a stupid movie with a laughable plot.

I don’t know who the hell you are or what you are about, but I believe you to be one of those people from two of your statements.

Such a a collection of contradictory statements begs the question, and pardon me if this sounds harsh, but, if we ever crossed paths, could I stab you in the face for being such a damn fool?

Heres a final note that shall tie my post off with a neat little bow to prevent you from saying I’m ignorant and close minded bla bla bla. At the end of the day, films are pieces of art, which is subjective and purely in the eye of the beholder.

That doesn’t change the fact that there are morons out there who appreciate and enthusiastically embrace garbage art.

Sorry for the long and offensive post, but it’s late, and I just don’t give a damn :lol:.


A word of advice to people who think they can write movie reviews.

Using big words does not make your posts “thought out.”


Movie was ok and I wasn’t a fan of the “passion” in the movie.


Where there genetically altered boobies?

  • :bluu:


lmao i noticed that too

The movie wasn’t THAT bad. The whole point to the girl/thing being dressed up like a child, was that Sarah Polley viewed it as a child. And they had dealt with the fact it could change sex, when they showed Fred and Ginger destroying each other.

I would be surprised if u could actually hold a knife, what with the dictionary and thesaurus u would obviously be curling


I am not going to spoil anything, but it was so bad, I left and didnt even get a refund.

And hey boy, yeah you Soviet, quit making so many god damn threads, we have a movie thread in GD and this piece of shit movie does not deserve its own thread, so use it please. I always do, cant you do the same?


movie was aight. the subplot trying to give background to the chick geneticist was a waste of time.


i made fun of it with my girlfriend the whole time

i was creeped out by the sex scene i was like wtf


Can you fap to the sex scene or is it to gross?


I think some of you might have been going in with the wrong idea of the movie. Have you seen any of his other films? Cube (not Cube Zero nor Cube II Hypercube) or Nothing? Nothing BIG ever happens in his movies; they are fantastically monotonous. I love his movies personally, and I really want to see Splice but I haven’t gotten a chance yet.


nah that human hybrid is nasty looking as fuck. i shuddered every time it was on scene. i was like wtf seriously? why would adrien brody’s character want to bang that? barf

and then i missed the rape scene because i had to take a crap


:lol: Sorry I’ll dumb down things just for you guys in the future. And I would most definitely be holding a knife given I don’t own a dictionary or a thesaurus, or a smart phone to give me access to either or.


Yeah, Cube was a great movie. You can’t go into this movie expecting a crazy slasher flick, or your garden variety horror movie. This was more along the lines of a psychological thriller. It sure as hell wasn’t movie of the year, but I dont get how some people are THIS full of hatred over it.

Whiteboy, just checks it out online first.

Man, I have never had to shit in the middle of a movie. Unless I am watching it at home or something.

No need to ‘dumb it down’ just dont use 40 adjectives per sentence, or the word “implore” multiple times in ONE SENTENCE


you mean the hooker??

movie looks ok and RT/IMDB reviews are good. might check it out…


I used ‘implored’, and then ‘implore’. Is there some sort of unspoken limit for the usage of a verb? Much less a different conjugation of the verb?

Nigga, focus on the conceptual data of my post, not the constructional data of my post.


Watching now…


ok, your main complaint is triteness and absurdity, which 99% of movies are guilty of.

edit: in fact, I’d say relative to most movies this movie isn’t that cliche since a common theme I’ve noticed among people who have viewed it is their difficulty trying to shoehorn it into some regular genre. not to say that makes it good, just saying.