Splicing a 360 Headset to the Madcatz Extension Jack - Help!

My cat chewed off the plug for my 360 Headset, right at the point where i can’t strip the cable to splice it back together. Instead of just buying a new one (My fifth :annoy:), I realized I have three extension cables from my SE Fightsticks sitting here doing nothing. So I’ve decided to try to splice one of those extension cables to my headset so that I will have a new plug for my headset. I don’t know if anyone here has tried this before, so I’m hoping someone with some know how on the audio equipment might be able to give me some help here.

When I stripped the sleeve off the wires for the Headset, I got the following color wires: Blue, Black, and White.

However, when I stripped the sleeve off the wires for the extension cable, I got the following color wires: Red, Black, and White.

I’m (maybe incorrectly, if not, tell me so) assuming that the common colors would probably be connected to the same lines, and thus would need to be spliced together, and the uncommon colors would also run off the same line, and would need to be spliced together.

Is this right? Is there a way to test with a multimeter? I have no clue what to do, as I’ve only really hacked PCBs and not audio equipment, and obviously don’t want to mess up my headset jack.

Any advice?

Bump, I went ahead and figured out myself that the three different rings on the plug corresponds to the three different wires in the plug. In the Madcatz extension plug, this is the following pinout, from thickest ring to thinnest.

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Red

Now what does this mean? I’m not sure. Does anyone know anything about headset plugs that could tell me what is the common pinout for these things? Or does anyone have a dead headset and a multimeter lying around that could cut their wire, and test the pinout on each color wire for the official wired 360 headset?