Splicing a power wire?

Ok here’s the deal. My puppy chewed through the power cable to my airbrush air compressor. Is there a way to splice the wires? I was just going to cut back the rubber tubing, wrap each of the 2 wires in separate electrical tape then wrap them both in tape…would that work or will i case some fuse bust or wall fire in my 80 year old apt? Is there something i can buy at home depot?
I really don’t want to scrap a $259 air compressor.

cut away the outer shield. Make sure the individual wires inside do not have any exposed metal. If they to wrap each wire individualy with elctrical tape. If a wire is completely cut solder it back togeather and wrap with tape. Once the individual wires are taped and no exposed wire is showing, then wrap the area at which you removed the outer shield with tape so its now almost like new. Basically just make sure the different wires arent touching each other metal to metal.

i do have a soldering iron. I can just solder them…like actually using solder or will the wire itself melt?
also, i couldn’t just like twist together the two wire ends before wraping in electrical tape?
Thank you!

The culprit…

the soldering iron won’t melt the wire. Yes you must solder it if you want to be safe. Twist the 2 ends of the wire togeather the apply the soldering iron, while keeping the iron on the wires apply the solder to the wire not the iron. Once the wire reaches the required temp the solder will begin to melt and coat the wires. Once this happens remove the iron from the wire, tape and your done.

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