Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory

Anyone pick this game up? If anyone wants to play co-op hit me up.
Gamertafs: Doc Scream, TyrantOfChaos, ApocalypticFear

I definetly picked this one up. I’m loving this game. It’s stealth perfection…if you don’t count the solo campaign story. Anyway, I play alot of versus/coop so I’ll just send anyone who got this game to my friends list. Let’s have a srk versus game…

I got this game…tried hopping online and got whomped. I am teh suck.

I’m down for some games of co-op (haven’t tried that yet) or versus (I’m no good).

Tag is over there <------.

I don’t care how much you are teh suck! I’ll send you a friends request and we’ll play whenever your on.

how is this game?
is it Good?
is it worth giving up Halo 2 for?
I am just wonderin. please dont get offended.

I think comparing Halo and Splinter Cell are like comparing apples and oranges. It really depends on the type of game you are looking for. Splinter Cell is really fun online, it’s obviously a great game, as is Halo 2…BUT the two are nothing alike.

To me asking that is like asking if you should give up WoW to play SF:AE on the box…I don’t know. I say rent it and try it out.

I personally can’t stand Halo :P.

Personally, I like both, but I like H2 more. If you already have H2, I would suggest renting SC:CT. They really are very different.

this game is freakin’ awesome. my gamertag: donaldducktm

ChaosNightWolf is my xbox tag, hit me up

My Tag is under my name. Im up for a game almost anytime.

i just got this game (spring sale from eb) and i luv it… feel free to add me to ur list if u wanna do some games