Splinter Cell: CT anyone?

Anyone play CT? I’ve been searching for some SRK’ers that play it and I haven’t found any yet =( I just got it a few weeks ago and I’m dieing to play with some people from here. I’m not too good but it’s still hella fun

GTs in sig

i play an i am a down right dirty at tag matches :tup:
whats your gamertag maybe i can teach you some shit

Gamertags in sig so hit me up sometime

You all can add me, also. I mainly play Phantom Dust as of late, but I’ll play CT if I know the person I am working with is a serious player.

phantom dust is the shit we gotta play sometime

Send me an invite when you can, shade.

I used to play Pdust its sick shit…then i stopped for no reason and could never get my edge back ill pop it in for you hollow and shade :tup:

Greatest underrated Xbox game EVER. I have tried to get my friends into this game. LAN parties would be beautiful. Oh well, still got Live.

Ya they are fun as hell…anyway we should all play SCCT together see who is the best on SRK…I can set up some team tournaments if anyone is interested :tup:

i am the best cause i am a real ninja

This is the part where you give us your gamertag…

mine is Hurricanekick9 :tup:

Ill be on friday around 6-6:30 and i will also be on saturday and sunday just send me a friend request and we will get some games in :tup:

anyone posting here anymore?

Ya I am, I still play CT a lot, send me an frequest tag is in sig plz


I still monitor this thread, damn near every day.