Splitting signal from PS3?

Hey guys. I have been battling with my heavy lag (I’m talking literally half a second or more) HDTV that I got on Black Friday for a while. Finally I got fed up with it and hooked my PS3 up to my PC monitor, the Asus VH236H (the EVO 2k9 monitor) which is nearly lagless, and am finally able to play again.

I want to start recording match vids again, since most of my current match vids on my YouTube channel are now old, and I am trying to continue improving my game by watching to see where my bad habits are.

So my question is actually two-fold, but I emphasize one because I’m pretty sure the answer to my first question is no:

1.) Is it possible to get a Video Out feed from a computer monitor? I haven’t checked the monitor itself if it has a Video Out but I’m sure the VH236H is pretty popular in the fighting game community, so maybe someone can check while I’m at work? If it is possible, fantastic, if not, see question 2.

2.) Is it possible to split the Audio/Video signal from the PS3 so that it goes to two locations, one to the monitor and another to a DVR? That way, I’d be able to record the match while still playing. I assume there must be some type of cable that is capable of doing this.

I guess my last-ditch effort is, is there any other way to do video screen capture, without using a camera to record the screen?

Thanks in advance guys!

Buy a HDMI/DVI splitter, run one out line to your DVR, and the other to your monitor. You probably want a powered splitter to avoid signal degradation (but it doesn’t matter that much so long as your cables are relatively short).

Any idea how much that would cost?

Well, let’s see here…

My DVR (I have a Dazzle DVR), takes either an S-Video or RCA input (Composite), so I would need something that can convert my PS3 signal not only to HDMI, but also to RCA.

I’m guessing multiple cables are going to be required here if I want to retain original HD quality both on the play and on the recording…

Actually I just looked at the Mayflash VGA Cable that is mentioned in the HDTV / Input Lag FAQ and, if it works the way I think it does, it may be exactly what I’m looking for.

Can anyone look at the link and confirm if the PS3 HDMI signal will appear on both the VGA and the RCA sides, if they are both plugged in? If so, I am buying one of these now.

No they will not, PS3 will only output to one video source.

Do only intend to use the Dazzle? If you insist on playing with HDMI then you’ll need completely new recording gear and accessories.

Sounds similar to what I’m trying to find out – I have a Pinnacle (again with only composite/S-video IN).

Here’s the setup I’m thinking of (using my existing VGA box):


If you are gonna change setups, this is the setup I’d like to have once i have the cash for a new (and first) PC build.
NCIX.com - Buy AverMedia AverTV HD DVR PCI-E Video Capture HDMI S-Video Digital Recording - MTVHDDVRR In Canada.

HDMI capture card via PCI-E. Just use a splitter and then record it on your computer.

edit: here’s a video illustrating the setup

edit:mr.mortified suggestion is the straight forward way assuming that you have a desktop PC nearby that can handle it as well as the enough hardrive space if you use fraps since its about 1GB a min which you will have to compress later with something like virtualdub.(if you get a hdmi to component converter the program will record normally)

Using that mayflash vga box the green video is only to set it up and it may be black and white. Once you set up the video for vga the green output will look like this

What kikimaru024 said should work and you could go straight from ps3 to vga->a powered vga splitter

This is the set up i use to record to the dazzle from a HDMI source
and a similar one to record to a component capture device

Output to the tv remains 1080p

and the hdmi converter outputs to 480i

The VGA box is your only option for PS3 iirc.

PS3 has HDCP over HDMI even when playing games.

It won’t be cheap, but you could go:

PS3--HDMI Splitter--Signal 1--Monitor
                  --Signal 2--HD Fury 2--HD PVR (for capturing)

With this setup you’re able to split the signal via a HDMI splitter with one going straight to the ASUS monitor, and another one to a HD Fury2 which will then allow you to capture using anything that has a component in or VGA in.

I’ve used this setup for PS3 and 360 and I personally did not notice any lag on the splitter.

The HD Fury strips the HDCP from the PS3

The HDFury2 is a bit on the expensive side, however I’ve tried three different HDMI to component converters and the only one that has worked properly was the HDFury2. All other converters had an image shift to the left, this might not bother some people, but it bothered the hell out of me. I wish I had just saved money and bought the HDFury2 straight up, but I was stupid and thought I could save on ones from eBay or local electronics stores.

this converter I got actually fixes the left shift that i had with other converters
Amazon.com: ViewHD Two Input HDMI to RGB Component YPbPr / VGA 2x1 Switch Converter: Electronics

the color is off because of Window Media Encoder

but i agree if you can find one (the only one i found cost 185 or 325 buy it now on ebay with shipping) and have the money then it is proven to work

I’ve got a VGA -> composite splitter box I was going to use, but right now I’m just running on a TV. If you don’t have something by the time you next head out to Wednesday Night Fights, I’ll bring it by.

That looks like it might work for my scenario too. I think I have the same DVR as you, I just called it something else. It’s made by Pinnacle, but I think they called it a Dazzle DVR, lol. I don’t remember exactly.

That would actually be ideal if I had the cash to drop on it, but I’d prefer not to spend that much money right now, since finance is kind of tight for me at the moment.

This looks a lot like mr.mortified’s suggestion, but slightly different. If I can’t get his to work, I may try your method instead.

If everything pans out with Rufus, maybe I will be able to get my hands on a VGA box!

Yeah, the HD Fury was something I was considering but looking at the price tag, I’d rather not if I can help it.

That sounds awesome. I will try to make it out to WNF, but will keep looking in the mean time. If you do decide to give it to me, how much would you be looking to get for it?

<shrug> $20 I guess. You can buy them new at Fry’s for ~$60. I’m not sure if there’s lag on the VGA -> composite/s-video transition, but I picked it up with the intention to use it to record video.

Hi guys, just a quick question, no yo have or recomend any splitter for a head to head setup? no need to recording or anything fancy just want to split the signal from 1 xbox/ps3 to 2 Evo monitors? any splitter will do? thanks!