Splitting xbox360 into 2 pcs


Can you split 1 xbox into 2 pc’s not pc screens but the actual pc so i can alt tab and play but not record. I want to play UMvC3 with my brother and i saw someones xbox connect through a pc so i was wondering if i could do this without a capture card. If you cant do it without a capture card is there a way to maybe toggle between the computer output and xbox output?


What you’re asking is vague, so I’ll try my best.
The computer with a capture card will need to process the information, depending on your computer, lag
If your xbox has hdmi, why dont you use and HDMI to DVI for your monitor. Then switch the input using the monitor’s input selector.


You can have a Xbox 360 display on a PC monitor via VGA, or DVI/ HDMI
A PC can’t handle raw TV input with out a video capture card. But you can get a KVM switch to switch a monitor between 2 sources, one being a PC and the other the Xbox 360