Spoiler Alert!!



He’s got a mongoloid face so it must be true! I knew there had to be a connection between Necalli and Gill’s hair.


Isn’t the voice actor same as that of Seth’s? What does that mean in storyline terms?


actually no that’s Liam-OBrien he did the voice of Red skull in various marvel projects.


He’s no more confirmed than Peter the Policeman.


Spoils on the thread title then warns of spoilers. Lol.


Who voiced Seth, then?


ba-bang cop confirmed too


Michael McConnohie.


Thanks for the elaboration. I swear they sound identical!


Fucking Liam O’Brien as Kain Highwind as Gill in this piece.




-posts spoiler- spoiler alert the thing I posted happened!

Your a bitch OP, also coulda gona in the story thread.


If I hadn’t beat story mode last night, I would have been really fucking pissed off reading the title of this thread.

Go fuck yourself on behalf of everyone who hasn’t beat story mode yet, though.



>proceeds to put said spoiler in the thread title

@reddswag nice fucking job, mate





Glad I finished story mode yesterday.


Fuck is wrong with you?


Story discussion goes here:

Deleting the spoilers.