Spokane Fight Club!-Thurs July 23rd @ 8pm(READ FIRST POST!)



DATE: Thurs July 23th @ 8pm

Where: lkgarza’s house (South Hill) pm for directions

Setup: Three 47" lcd mounted tvs. one with 360, second PS3, and the Wii

360 - SF4 - SC4 - 3rd Strike - DOA4 - blazblue
PS3 - Tekken DR - 3rd Strike - GGAC - MvC2(soon) - Blazblue - Tekken 6 (eventually)
Wii - TvC
or anything else you want to bring!


we have more in store down the road. hope to see you Thursday!!!

If your interested, let us know!



lol, no love for Spokane…

It isn’t like there’s nobody here that plays anything, but I think the biggest problem is that there isn’t an easy way for everybody to get together. If there were a place everyone could meet and play at every other week like Preppy’s in Seattle, or if there were some kind of regular tournaments, that would help a lot to bring the scene together.

I’m gonna be busy for a while, but if you get something started I’m down to help out or participate.


no love indeed. i know we have the people out here, like you said its the place. im trying to find a one(anywhere). that’s the biggest issue atm. i plan on bringing most of my gear, to play what the fuck ever. just need to get the ball rolling here, thanks for your desire to help out… im going to need it.

so anyone with any info, or knows of a place to rally, pm me.

i will keep everyone up to date


Damn, you guys sound like our scene in Kennewick. Try finding a LAN place. Thats probably the best place to get exposure. Price per hour might be a pain though. We don’t have a LAN place here so we just play at some guys place but hes a pretty dedicated player so he doesn’t mind our late 9 PM to 4 AM sessions haha.


Just start snooping around people’s houses at night and look in their windows and see if anyone is playing SF4, then be like “Hey, wanna come to our house and play some street fighter 4?”

Totally the best way to go about it.


Hey guys did any of you play in the sf4 at gamestop tourney. I did and i did take some numbers down of guys willing to play again at another location. If anyone on here is interested post so know who and i think i can get us a place to play and set something up. So hope to hear from whoever.


i didnt make it due to work sadly. its good to know we have some more options. i have a few places as well that might work. were kinda grinding out the details, maybe pay for play may not be. you can pm me with any your info, i don’t care how this gets started. this will happen haha


Hey anti freak i have to post 5 times before can pm you so here is #2. I got 4 more to go then ill pm you.


I don’t think spokane has a lan centre. It’s all bout that smash bros and ITG in Spokane. Well, actually I think most people stopped gathering for ITG.

Best bets are at SFCC and Eastern. Marus is your best bet. As strange as it sounds, you might be able to recruit a few people from the EWU smash club, I have gotten a few of them interested in other games; I know some people were talking about Street Fighter 4.


There’s a couple gamers here at SFCC, but it’s not really a great place to hold regular events. We have a public rec room with a TV, but it closes at 4pm, and people there are kinda bitchy about sharing the single TV. We could possibly stay in a lounge room and game if we participated through the gamer’s club, but we’d need our own equipment, and at best we’d need to leave before 6pm unless someone were willing to pay for security to stay late, and even then we’d probably have to leave by midnight. It wouldn’t be impossible, but I don’t recommend it.

I need to stop by EWU sometime. I’ve been meaning to check out their Gamer’s and Smash clubs. Apparently a lot of smashers play TvC now; I’d to get some games in that.

Also, good to hear from again. ITG sucks.

I was there, as the shitty Viper :sad:


If you go to Eastern, talk to Deva, Nick (posts as kamaji on forums), and Adam (Icraq). Tell them I sent you and you might get a better response; I’m a pretty big reason people actually play smash in Spokane.

ITG does not suck, the cabinets are way better, as are the stepcharts. Having a slightly bigger timing window for comboable notes is nice too.


Does anyone from CWU post on this board, cause I am trying to get in some good comp here but cant find anyone


Hey if you guys try to put something together in spokane let me know so i can help. I really think we can get something going in spokane very soon and i think i could help out quite a bit.


How many of your guys have your own sticks. Reason i ask if we end up doing this at someones house like maybe mine i know i have one te stick and can maybe borrow my friends stick also.


Would you happen to know what days everybody meets? It would make it easier to find people if I know when they’re there.

Also, completely unrelated, but I finally got my job back today. Booyah!

I have a ps2 sanwa stick and ps3 adapter.


Luke Garza! I remember you from the Gamespot tourney. I was the Honda who won…

Anyways, I’m staying in Pullman for summer, so I’d be down for stuff around the east side. I tried to make a thread for Eastern WA earlier but didn’t get much out of it ha ha… Hopefully we can get some action going.

I have a 360 stick and a PS2 stick, btw.


damn no CWU people trashy ass mo fuckers


Uhh, not quite. Luke’s a friend of mine - he played the confused Dhalsim. I’m the half-asian that was hanging around him. I don’t remember who you are, but I remember a Honda winning - in the last round you fought my friends’s Blanka. Good job btw.


Lol man, in reference to lkgarza, who I’m assuming is the same Luke Garza I was chattin’ with during the thing. I think he played Guile against me in semis iirc.


Oh yeah, there were two Luke Garza’s. I forgot about that.