Spokane Fight Club!-Thurs July 23rd @ 8pm(READ FIRST POST!)


Lol I had forgotten as well… Man, good times! We for real need to get this Spokane/Eastern WA scene off the ground. I’m tired of just playing online with no tourneys or anything to look forward to >.<


come on i need someone at CWU i have the SE stick and soon will have my Arcade in a Box just need a partner


Nice! Airports ftw. This is all I can find right now. I have no idea when they meet.


There is a spokane group, I don’t really know how to contact them. I can pm phone numbers if yo uwant.

EDIT: rather., I don’t know their weekly date, but I obviously have phone #s for a few of them.


Yeah that was me you played and it was pretty intense came down to last hit. And Yeah glad to see more people posting so what r u guys thinking for something. Like a weekend day like friday or saturday and a tourny style or just get together.


Yeah thanks, contact info would be cool. I’ll probably browse smashboards later and look for some more info. I won’t have time to actually stop by the school until next Wednesday though…

And yes, airports are awesome. My manager’s pretty cool about letting me balance my school and work schedules, so I’m glad I could get this job back.

Weekends are fun. We should probably do a couple casuals before any big tournaments, just to get a feel for things and to make organizing easier.


I personally won’t be able to do much until I get my car, which may be a little while. Hopefully not too long though. After that it will mostly depend on my work schedule but we can probably plan for weekends. And I agree with Marus; we should just do some casuals at first to see where the scene is at, skill and number of players-wise.


Sounds good and let me know when you get ahold of people and ill try my contacts i got from the gamestop tourney and lets get this figured out.


we really dont need to worry about getting tons of people. more or less its still the place, the people will come in due time. im having a meeting with a guy about maybe using his comic shop. we wont make any tourneys soon, until we get a feeling about the crowd we pull. as for equipment i can lend

a shitty 19" TV
TE stick - ps3
tekken-dr - ps3
SC4 - 360
SF4 - 360
BB -ps3- soon
MvC2 -ps3- soon

i will let you guys know how it goes tonight…

think about some gear or games you can lend. thanks everyone for there interest and support thus far!



anti freak i might have a better solution to place we can do this at. My house i think would work perfect for this. my living room area has good amount of room and i have two 47 inch lcds wall mounted. So we could have 2 games going at all times. I only have a 360 and a te stick. Let me know what you think.


i think that is awesome… i can just bring the ps3, and the TE. anything else people want they can bring themselves. we just need to figure the date and time, if your willing. i will pm you later with my contacts. lets get this shit going haha!!!

EDIT: Anyone who is interested should PM lkgarza with your contact info…


This is what I’m talking about man, we’re getting this off the ground! Heyo! :rofl:


Pm me anti freak your info and lets get this going.


it should be there in your box bro


Got your info anti-freak thanks, ill be contacting you soon. And to anyone else, how soon you guys tryingt to get together and do this.


idk, whenever? I’m available most weekends.


Ok you guys want to do a trial run like just us 3 or whoever else will come with either one of you sometime this week so we can play a little and talk about making this happen.


Sounds good to me. Let’s work out the date. I will update the first post w/ new info.


I’m down. Just let me know when.


We are meeting up tomorrow. You should pm both of us your contact info


Done and done.