Spokane, WA - Game On relocating, fight nights temporarily cancelled


Getting SFxT tonight. Anyone who wants to play it today, I’ll have it by around 7, hopefully.


I might not have my copy until tomorrow. So I may show up tonight and play some.


[LEFT]First impressions after going through the tutorial and trying out 10 or so characters in trial mode (around 15 trials each): [/LEFT]

[LEFT]-The SF4 characters *look *so similar to their SF4 incarnations but play very different. I feel like I’m going to have to deliberately pick up some characters that aren’t in SF4 so I don’t screw myself over when switching games.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-To make the above point difficult, the Tekken characters feel SO different (not that this is a bad thing though!). Wave-stepping is weird, especially trying to cancel normals into them. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the pros develop the Tekken characters. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Combining links with chain combos feels a little goofy, and I keep expecting to be able to end a chain combo with a non-EX special and accidentally getting launcher instead. Probably a carry-over habit from UMvC3 thinking I can just ABC into special or whatever. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Soooo many mechanics to remember, all of which contain the word “cross” so I can’t keep any of them straight. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Raven is the only Tekken character I tried that really clicked with me, probably because he has a relatively simple moveset (no stance changes, no wave-stepping) and “feels” more like a SF character. Plus he looks pretty badass. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Color customization is a joke. I only looked at Raven but it seemed like almost every attribute had 4 colors: white, black, slightly different white, slightly different black. I look forward to being nickle and dimed for more colors. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Still a fun game though, I just need to pick a couple new characters and really focus on them. Right now there are so many unfamiliar characters that I don’t know what to do.[/LEFT]


First fight club with Street Fight x Tekken tonight!

If you have a copy, I’d recommend you bring it. And, seriously, does anyone have a 4-port usb splitter/hub they can bring with? 2v2 would be awesome with 4 players.


I don’t have one yet but I am gonna order one online.


I might have my old Rock Band one lying around…

I don’t think I can make this this week though, so you guys are on your own for Thursday.


That 4-player SFxT action is incredibly intense. We’re gonna try to get it set up for the tournament this weekend, too, if we can get some USB hubs…

This ought to be interesting.


Scratch that, tournament moved. We don’t want to conflict with another local tournament coming up. We’ll be moving the event to 3/31. Hope to see you guys there!


Updated the OP with relevant tournament info!


Going out right now to pick up a USB hub. 4 player sfxt inbound.


Updated the OP (and bumping this thread) with your unfortunate news…


So just for anyone on this thread that might not know or is looking for an update. As you may or may not know Game On was burgularized last week and we lost everything needed to make our business run. Fortunately the D’bags were caught and we are getting some of our equiptment back. We will still have to replace alot of stuff but we are in the process of doing so right now. I have posted updates on our FaceBook page and we are looking for feedback on the thoughts of re-opening in a Valley Mall location. I know there are a couple downsides to a mall location but I think the benefits will far outwiegh the few downsides. Please leave feedback either on here or our Facebook page to let us know your thoughts. We want to thank everyone again for your support through these bad times and hopefully we will come back better and stronger.


Thanks for the update!

I imagine the lease will be a bit more than where you guys were at before which would mean higher prices for us (not that you were charging a lot before…seriously, I doubt you were making any money off us), but you should get a lot more exposure at the mall than hidden behind Pawn One…

Also, I can swing by the food court and score some great food, haha.

Oh, just saw your Facebook post. That’s nice you negotiated the lease down.


It looks like Game On will probably not be re-opening, since apparently insurance is not covering the stolen items. Is that it for the Spokane scene? I feel like we’ve been knocked out, and I’m watching those numbers count down next to my character’s bloody portrait…


What is the point of insurance if it doesn’t help with this? Sad. There is always meetings at people’s houses I guess. Or perhaps at somewhere like SFCC.


Well, there is Spoklash coming up which should be a decent-sized tournament. But it also looks like there will be some competition at the upcoming Spokane Comicon (May 19th). They’re running Brawl and AE, but if they get enough feedback about it, it looks like they could do Marvel as well. Any Marvel players willing to come out for that?


It’s really more of a matter of school for me. If I happen to not be swamped I may show up. If you’re looking to practice some marvel I can do some sessions with like maybe a couple of people (small apartment). I’m on the south hill.


I know Jammo3k and I believe House of Paincakes have expressed interest in getting together at somebody’s house but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m definitely down for it.


How’s Spoklash been in the past? Bigger turnout than the GameOn events?


It was a fairly good turn out last year.