Spokane, WA - Game On relocating, fight nights temporarily cancelled


Cool thnx for the info the seattle/spokane drive feels the same to me so just wanted to see what was out there. hopefully your area gets revived soon I know how it is having a near non-existent local FGC. defiantly check out the Richland scene I got a bro that lives there so make it easy if I don’t want to drive back after


Last Spoklash was something like 18 for Super.


When I was hosting things at my house, we had about 12-14 people showing up regularly which was pretty awesome and way more than I expected (though a bunch of sweaty dudes made my house hot as hell). Then Game On opened and we transferred there, but people slowly stopped showing up and I’m not sure why because we had an awesome setup there (work and school schedules I’m guessing).

Now that Game On closed, we’re pretty much dead in the water. That’s pretty sad that Spoklash only had 5 people for both AE and Marvel, hopefully you guys at least did a round robin to keep things interesting.

I do want to host something at my house again as I’ve been playing a lot of Marvel online lately and really miss playing you guys locally. I’m pretty tied up right now though with a newborn and my wife needs a lot of help due to some certain circumstances with him. It will only be temporary though, so hopefully in a few weeks I will be more available and maybe I can plan to host something on a Friday night.


Guys, it’s time to revive our scene. We need to get something regular going again.


I’ll be up in Idaho after Evo if anyone wants to get games in,


Do any of you guys have any experience with Game World? Their website lists that they have hosted tournaments, but the most recent stuff they list is from back in February and March. I sent them an e-mail a few weeks ago asking if they’d be willing to host something for our FGC (either tournaments or a weekly thing) but never heard back. I’d been meaning to stop by and just talk to them in person, but haven’t yet and I was just curious if you guys had been there.


That is one ugly ass website


I believe Game World is where the preregistration for last Spoklash was located. They’ve got a phone number you can call, though the guy I spoke to regarding preregistration didn’t know anything about it.


Haha, yeah, it’s like one of those late 90s Geocities free sites.

On top of that, their “news” is just random Kotaku articles circa February 2012.

Gentlemen - hypothetical question! Who would be interested in a fight night at my house on Friday, July 27th? We would probably start at 7:00 or so.

I have two available TVs but only one console with two TEs. I also have one copy of SSF4 and UMvC3. Depending on how many people are game, I might need some of you guys to bring your stuff as well.

I’ll also post in our Facebook group, so feel free to respond there if you like.

This isn’t set in stone yet, just trying to gauge interest.


What is the name of your the facebook group for Eastern WA?

I am not in Eastern WA put I like to stay in the loop concerning all of WA FGCs. So I can do my part with help promoting various scenes when I stream my events to raise awareness.


SRK - Eastern Washington

I’m not really sure if it’s invite only if you can just join (I didn’t set it up). Try this link, hopefully it comes up: http://www.facebook.com/groups/213457255341791/


Ok guys, fight night is going to be at my place on Friday the 27th of July. Sorry for the short notice. It will start at 6. I only have 1 tv, 1 xbox, 1 TE, and 1 copy of each game, so what I need to know is who is coming, and what can you bring? If you need directions to my place call or text me at 509-434-8377 or hit me up on facebook.


Whats up Bitches!
Used to go by the alias of Anti- on here, got back in the scene after some medical issues. I just picked up P4 and holy hell, is anyone playing it… its fucking sweed. Anways, if we get enough people interested i was trying to set up a tourny in the valley if i could pull a large enough crowd.


There’s been some talk about a tourney on the 15th in La Grande which is remotely close to you folks. Check both the Idaho and Tri-Cities/Walla threads for more info.


Details on that La Grande tournament:

Location: Wired Gaming Lounge - La Grande OR http://wiredlagrande.com/
Date: 15th of September
Time: Registration opens at 12:00pm, tournaments start at 2:00pm, we can stay until 12:00am
Pricing: $5 for the venue, $5 per tournament, 70-20-10 pot split for 1st-3rd
Games: SSF4AE2012, UMVC, MK - all on X-Box 360
Format: Double elimination bracket, 3/5 matches for Marvel and 2/3 for everything else


TTT2… anyone?!


anyone in spokane down for some games, gonzaga student here


Hey all, anyone here play TTT2 that’s in Spokane? I’m part of the Seattle Tekken crew, but am stuck in Eastern WA with nobody to play with. I’ve been playing Tekken since T1, played many tournies over in Japan and consider myself an “advanced” player. I don’t mind helping people level up their game through some training sessions either. Why is there nobody in Spokane who plays Tekken?? I can host, have a house with a nice rec room with a big screens, I have a couple 360 Mad Catz TE sticks, and am located near Shadle. You can reach me quickly at my SRK username @ gmail. Let’s do this! :slight_smile:


For those of you that aren’t in the Facebook group: “Alright guys, get the word out. Fight club is back. Wednesday nights, 6pm, and Mama’s Thaiway lounge has been kind enough to let us use the place as a headquarters. Bring monitors and consoles.” Looks like it starts back up tonight. I’m not sure what games we will be playing, but I’m sure all are welcome. I am always up to play any game.


Is Mama’s still panning out. what games are on tap!?