Spokane, WA - Game On relocating, fight nights temporarily cancelled


Details on that La Grande tournament:

Location: Wired Gaming Lounge - La Grande OR http://wiredlagrande.com/
Date: 15th of September
Time: Registration opens at 12:00pm, tournaments start at 2:00pm, we can stay until 12:00am
Pricing: $5 for the venue, $5 per tournament, 70-20-10 pot split for 1st-3rd
Games: SSF4AE2012, UMVC, MK - all on X-Box 360
Format: Double elimination bracket, 3/5 matches for Marvel and 2/3 for everything else


TTT2… anyone?!


anyone in spokane down for some games, gonzaga student here


Hey all, anyone here play TTT2 that’s in Spokane? I’m part of the Seattle Tekken crew, but am stuck in Eastern WA with nobody to play with. I’ve been playing Tekken since T1, played many tournies over in Japan and consider myself an “advanced” player. I don’t mind helping people level up their game through some training sessions either. Why is there nobody in Spokane who plays Tekken?? I can host, have a house with a nice rec room with a big screens, I have a couple 360 Mad Catz TE sticks, and am located near Shadle. You can reach me quickly at my SRK username @ gmail. Let’s do this! :slight_smile:


For those of you that aren’t in the Facebook group: “Alright guys, get the word out. Fight club is back. Wednesday nights, 6pm, and Mama’s Thaiway lounge has been kind enough to let us use the place as a headquarters. Bring monitors and consoles.” Looks like it starts back up tonight. I’m not sure what games we will be playing, but I’m sure all are welcome. I am always up to play any game.


Is Mama’s still panning out. what games are on tap!?


Sad. This thread makes me so sad.


Yo, anybody in Spokane still playing SSF4? or SFxT?


I am in spokane but I just started doing ssfiv ae but looking to possibly do rounds with someone locally or on xbl? also got umvc3 but I am terrible at both and just started playing both recently haha figured I should probably put this hori fe I bought to use.


Cool. I’ve been wanting to play some UMVC3 but haven’t gotten around to it. Fun game but i suck too. My XBL tag is Don Servo, msg me on here or on XBL if you wanna get down.


sure I will add you when I get back home my xbl is rocdiesel


Bludshed and manus I have been looking for some AE players locally. Willing to learn umvc3 add me on Xbox Dwayne Darko or ps3 zer0seedz


Are there any places that hold sessions here in spokane? Moved here about a few months ago.


I’m down. I live on the west side, message me on here.


Nice. I live out north near wandermere. I also have ps3 and 360 to play on there.


That’s north side right? We should try to set something up.


Yeah. It’s on the north side for sure.


Anyone still around playing? Hit me up - need new players. Northside of Spokane here.


Is anyone still alive in this thread!? I’m looking for any local stick mod gods, if Spokane has any that is…


I just recently moved to Spokane. I used to be apart of Orlando’s fgc before I joined the navy. Are there any get togethers? I don’t know anyone here except for my fiance. It’d be nice to meet new people.