Spoken Language

Hey dudes I’m working on this silly lab rats genetics comic and wanted to post the first page of pencils, you gotta bear with me not having a working scanner while not at college. Hence the crappy digital photo treatment. Tell’s me what you all think.


Looks pretty good, man. The environment looks pretty good, as is the shot selection(for the most part). I think panel one could be retooled shot-wise. Change the angle how the mouse is shown(to show the growing ear better) and also make him larger in the panel. The scientist should also be larger so he appears real close in staring at the mouse. Also, since we’re looking so closely at them and they are in an odd place, look into some reference for the ears so that they look as ear-like as possible. Checkin out some rat anatomy and rat cage ref might be good too (the sawdust looks kidna funny.) Keep em coming. I’m interested to see where this is going. :slight_smile: