Sponsorship: Where is it and what to expect?

is toyota coming again?

if not, is that why evo has been restructured? i noticed games were axed, probably to avoid the 3s issues of last year. or does this have anything to do with sponsorship?

Toyota contract was only for 2 years. 2 years is up…GGPO sponsorship until hopefully next year.

With SF:HD and SF4 coming out, I’m kind of surprised Capcom isn’t stepping in to sponsor this.

i hope we get sponsored by some food/beverage company so we can get free samples.

Umm fuck that, someone contact AXE, and Old Spice, mother fuckers should need to pass through an auto-spray before being allowed to play. It should be in the evo rules that nobody is allowed to throw off your game by smelling like your girls twat after a 5 mile marathon where a piece of blue cheese dressing accidentally hit it due to you eating her out after a salad before said run.

Maybe we could get Rugal to sponsor this (KOF 94), I am sure he would love to have statues of Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and John Choi

I’m assuming enough of you guys didn’t buy Yaris’. Shame on you.

I laughed too fucking hard at this one.

This should be called a “comedy boner.”

I think that we shouldn’t be attempting anything without getting the ok from wiz and crew. Sponsorship is nice but all it takes is one of us to fuck up and smear the evo name.

So we dont want NAMBLA sponsorship…? Uh…oh…:confused:

actually evo took a giant step towards making the place smell better already by cutting some games.


will you sponsor me god

Mwa Hah Hah Aha Hahhahaha Hahahahhwhahahhahahah Hah!!! Ha!