Spools of 22AWG stranded wire, different colors, qd's, wire stripper


Excess wire and qd’s I no longer need.
all wire 22AWG stranded, QD’s about 25each 0.110 and 0.187’s and a wire stripper. Each spool probably has about 10 feet of wire each or MORE (red and black).

18.00 shipped US. Paypal only. thanks!



Wait the whole lot is 18? If so I will buy it NOOOWWW!!!


Niiice, you’re basically buying that quick strip wire stripper and getting all that other crap for FREE! Great deal


I’ve been looking for diff colored wire for a while.


I’ll take it if cue16 doesn’t


Shit, I’ll get third in line if the other people fall through. Good deal.


yes that’s right


PMd for paypal info


Dammit, if I’d only seen this sooner…

BTW, I just realized the OP’s handle is a drug. (I’m a pharmacist…)



didnt know wires were in demand, I have a alot more in different colors. I guess could cut them in approx. 5ft sections 10 different colors? Maybe?


I think a lot of people would buy different color spools of wire. I would definitely buy some in the coming weeks.


Damn, if I only seen this sooner…