Sport 'em If You Like

Some avatars if you like to sport 'em. Please don’t ask me to make you an av. Theses are some I made a while ago but didn’t post. The only thing I will do is remove the character name and put yours on it. :smile: I think they look cool. Sorry I didn’t do Gill. :lol:

Wow… nice, I like them:tup:


Where did you get that Makoto pic on the left? It looks awesome! :tup: I’d like to have that AV plz.

If you’re willing to edit the Chun-Li one, could I get that with my name? All of these look really nice, and feature character art that I’ve never seen before.

If I’m right most are over the File Limit for non prems.

yeah theyre nice but not nice for non-premmies :sad:

all of them are over the limit

Let me fix them.

I tried editing my avatar with them and they appear. Try it. They’ll fit for non prem.

Yeah I tried it and it worked. I’ll take the Akuma one, if possible.


Can I call dibs on Q? :wgrin:

Feel free to abbreviate my name…

Thanks man :tup:

If you wan to change the abbreviation to soemthing else. Let me know what exactly.

Your welcome. :smile:

Heres one I Made…

I Recommended you border them Gunner. :wgrin:

No dude I love it; most people abbreviate it to “Slart” or “Slarti.” S. Bartfast made me laugh :lovin:

:rofl: shhhhhhhhhhweeeeetttttt!!!

Zerogunner, it’s a pixel too high (65p)…

i call hugo@!! please :slight_smile:

It will fit. Try it. Or do you mean you want it 160 x 60 exact?

Did you want the underscore in the name?