Spouse cheating on you? Why, poison your children, of course!


I am literally afraid to have children now, let alone frightened to date, because considering my luck, I am likely to attract some sort of psychopath, or if not, a bitch. Seriously, if you have a problem with your spouse, then handle it with them, not take that shit out on your kids. I’ll just wait for karma to take her out because wishing harm upon her would not make me appear as a saint.


[LEFT]A city schoolteacher, convinced her cop husband had cheated on her, allegedly murdered their two kids — poisoning them, then sealing their Bronx apartment’s windows with plastic before turning on the gas, sources told The Post yesterday.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Lissette Bamenga, 29 — who slit her wrists in a suicide attempt during the Thursday horror — believed Officer Trevor Noel had gotten another woman pregnant, and she allegedly wanted to punish him by killing 5-year-old Trevor Jr. and Liliane, who was just 4 months old, the sources said.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The children were declared dead at the scene. Bamenga was rushed to Jacobi Hospital, where she remained in stable condition.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]“You got what you wanted,” she allegedly wrote in one of two suicide notes. “Me and the kids are in a better place now.”[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Bamenga also wrote “DNR,” meaning “do not resuscitate,” for whoever found her in the gas-filled apartment at 1500 Noble Ave. in Parkchester.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Noel, who had just finished the night shift at Manhattan’s 28th Precinct, was unable to speak when he arrived at the scene.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Sources said Bamenga believed her husband fathered a child with a woman in Spain — and she was furious.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]“In a jealous rage, his wife killed her children and then tried to kill herself,” a law-enforcement source said.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The ghastly final act, however, appeared carefully thought out.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]First, Bamenga allegedly fed her kids juice spiked with a de-icer, which is colorless, odorless, sweet — and deadly. Police found a bottle containing de-icer in the apartment.[/LEFT]


. . . Was he actually cheating on her? Either way, there’s a special place in Hell for people like her.


“Why would you love a motherfuckin’ man more than your kids.”


Sins of the father.

Sins of the father.

Whether he did it or not, the phrase is relevant.

Not sure why he even decided to talk about his opinion of how appearance, but whatever, it’s fucking common for whenever a woman does something heinous, I’ll never understand it, truly.


(makes a note of that de-icer thing

Interesting. [/ambiguous])

I still don’t get why people believe in “karma”, especially considering how often they misuse it.

Must be nice being able to think the world is actually secretly a just place.

Not sure why you’re worried about that. Most Saints were arguably insane–looking at you, St. Theresa–and you would hardly be the only person who is going to say that you want something horrible to happen to this cunt.

If you don’t want to say that because you actually don’t believe in revenge, then don’t. However, it’s pretty pointless not to do it for “appearances”, especially if you’re admitting as such.


wtf is juice…

I would asked for purple stuff…


Don’t worry, shit like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. She didn’t wake up one day and decide she’s crazy enough to poison her own kids, she’s been that crazy for a long ass time.


Much like all things involving dumb people and death, this made me laugh.


This is so horrible I can’t even type anything else.


Sometimes, the gene purging idea doesn’t sound too bad…


I was horrified by the story until I read this, then I LOL’d too xP


It’s also the best way to get back at someone I guess… through their genetic imperative.


She deserves a life changing beating along with life in a cell.


homeschool your kids


Such people usually have that illusion ripped away in a violent fashion.


…kinda like the whole Glenn thing in issue 100 of The Walking Dead.


Dear God…the title is so fitting, lol.