Spray Paint Experts, Help!

Im making a new stick and I’m being extremely picky with the color; Metallic White.

I went to the Auto sections of hardware stores and they don’t got any sparkly white paint, so I bought a metallic silver (that has that sparkliness of glitter, you know what I mean) and a Gloss White spray paint can.

I figured if I sprayed a thin white layer over the silver it’ll give me a pretty good white with some shimmering to it… but it’s still pretty gray…

What are some tricks I can do with these 2 cans to get that metallic pearl-like white?

It’s going on MDF and some regular wood used for canvases, unsure what those are.

You wanted pearl white, thats definitely a very common automotive color. Its a very sparkly white. With your method you’ll just get the gloss white covering up the silver.

I would look abit harder for a pearl or metallic white. Also make sure you use a very light grey or white primer otherwise the finish on the metallic or pearl white will be kind of off.

Yeah, your technique isn’t really going to do it, unless you have a translucent white over that silver. I know you can find pearl white at a hobby or model shop, but the cans are smaller and expensive. They also have it in airbrush paint, but it sounds like you are looking for a rattle can solution.

I did see a metallix efx can of paint which lookes like metalic flakes in a clear paint (if that makes any sense). In theory, you could spray that over the gloss white for the metallic effect, but I’m not sure if the flakes are silver or multicolored depending on how the light hits them

I thought I should add that if you’re painting onto MDF you should cover all the cut areas with vinyl spackling. MDF is very absorbent so if you don’t seal your cut edges it will just absorb the paint.

After absorbing quite a lot of paint (and waiting for the drying to take place), the coats will eventually cover the MDF.