Spray Paint

So I have these pink obsf 30 buttons and a sanwa balltop. The only problem is they are not the right shade of pink that I want. Will spray painting them cause any problems?

use vinyl dye instead of spray paint

vinyl dye changes the color of the plastic and doesn’t just create a layer of paint over the plastic. e.g. if you were pressing a button and the plunger and it was painted, you could wear out the paint on the button plunger every time you press it.

ok thanks

Do I use vinyl dye to paint the base of the plastic base of the stick too?

Don’t paint or vinyl “paint” them. Gonna look and function like shit. I promise.

Just like NotANoob mentioned do not paint the buttons, stay with the color you have for them or buy other buttons that will match your arcade stick.

Agreed, especially so if you start with a darker color plastic to paint.

For buttons, honestly just replace them with buttons that already exist in the market. Particular color matching will be next to impossible.
Don’t rely on photos as color is easily distorted in photographs. Paper inserts would work with clear plungers, but there is not much you can do about the rims.
As for the case, unless that case is already light in color, You will not like the results. Actually most people aren’t happy with their results.
Not saying good results aren’t possible, Just highly unlikely. Most people try to paint a Black plastic TE case another color with terrible results.
I seen only 1 good Black case come out nice when being dyed white and that was a Sega VSHG.

I’ve dyed buttons before but getting gloss is not easy and I don’t recommend trying it definitely dont purchase a gloss dye never got a good result only with matte dye. The only portion that I can recommend painting/dying is the rim and with only certain brands of dye

For the case he can start with white vinyl dye first and let dry, when done add what ever other color vinyl dye originally wanted on case this will help in getting great results then just painting over black case alone, doing so over white dye will match more and help keep other colors more vibrant, unless new dye paint color wanted is white vinyl dye then it is fine on it’s own with great results. Good info on this Darksakul thanks for bringing this up.