Spray Painting Plexi. Stencil on the bottom of my stick


Hey, i thought about spraying a stencil on the bottom of my stick.
On the inside of the plexi bottom cover.
Is it possible to use normal spraypaint for plastic/wood/metal and just spray it on the inside? or wouldn’t it hold on the plexi.
If it works, would be awesome.


I’m not sure about the paint you’re using, but you may have to scuff the area you’re spraying with sandpaper, so that the paint has something to “hold on” to.


You can do what epic suggested (which is ideal), but it may be a bit hard if the stencil you want to paint is very detailed.

You can probably get away with painting it straight onto the plexi without any previous preparations. It’s going to be on the inside anyways, so there is no chance it could be rubbed or scratched off.


There is a paint that is best suited for painting Lexan - which is about as close to plexi as you can get. Check out http://www.testors.com/category/137916/ - it’s the R/C Car Lacquers

This paint was designed for the flexible nature of Lexan - but should suit your needs for painting. Tamiya also sells a brand of Lexan/polycarbonate paint as well. You can usually find them in your local R/C hobby store.