Spraypainting a MadCatz TE

I haven’t been able to find info regarding paint jobs for the MadCatz TE FightStick. I basically want to paint the sides that are white right now to black. I looked around and saw that people are using Krylon spraypaints for their custom joystick but I am completely new to this, and was wondering if there are any specifics for this type of job.

  • What kind of paint should I use for a glossy black finish?
  • Prepping on a TE FightStick… how-to? and with what chemicals/tools?
  • Coating, im guessing 4 or 5 coats and dry for about a day, but am curious to hear some feedback or comments.

Actually, there’s a whole thread on the subject here:


There’s a longer thread about it, but try duplicolor vinyl coloring instead of the krylon. It adheres much better to the plastic.