Spreadin the Rindou-Kan gospel: Online War Stories thread

Since we have a thread dedicated to online rage, I figured I’d broaden the scope a bit and start a thread where we could just share stories about our general experiences with the game in the vast sea of randoms that is XBL and PSN. Share some GTs of good players you face, tell about how you nailed that sweet reset on some unsuspecting sap, anything goes more or less in this thread if it pertains to playing online.


I remember one time at a local casual sessions, I had a Makoto mirror with someone for a laugh, it was the craziest session I ever had. He did U2 in the corner and it somehow crossed me up, because I swear I didn’t press a button and I was blocking, we were so confused lol

Got a double perfect with Mak in mirrors few days ago.

Kara EX Fukiage is cheap

th…thanks v-ryu sensei

An U2 crosup setup. While he may not have done the setup specifically, if the range was the same in the situation you describe I imagine it would still cross up.

Last night, I was on fire. I was winning pretty much every match with both my Oni and my Makoto. It was glorious, I gained like 500 PP lol.

I assume that setup is the same in AE?

hmmm. well, the other day in Ranked, I ran into a B Ken. Unlike some other players I’ve met, this guy was actually worthy of the grade. He was random in all the right places and his execution was on point. He had been keeping me from being too aggressive thanks to his willingness to SRK in the oddest places and while I did punish him for it, he felt no compulsion to stop. He said afterwards that the psychological effects of random SRKs was totally worth the risk (I agree). In the end, it came down to me reading his f+MK kara throw, punishing with IA Tsurugi into Ultra1. Talk about a nail biter. One more throw would have been enough to kill me and my combo had barely enough damage to finish him off. The match could have gone either way.

BTW, i’m a C rank around 2000 bp. Wish I had time to grind out more games, but life won’t let me.

I’m not sure. I just know there are crossup setups and I Youtube searched and came up with one of v-ryu’s setups, lol. I don’t know if it’s still the same or not honestly.

they work. just requires a different timing due to her U2 speed up

Round 1. Land focus crumple karakusa, sHP xx Hayate. Back dash, opponent Misses grab. Hayate
Back dash. Opponent misses grab. Hayate. Naked karakusa sMp sMp dropped Hayate.

Run away rest of round. Win by timeout.

Round 2

Random ex Hayate lands.
Run away rest of round.
5 seconds left…

Connection lost with other player.

I KNEW I shoulda recorded it first T_T

same here lol

I was laming it out against Ryu in a ranked match, using only normals for fun. The Ryu somehow makes a comeback, we’re down to no health. He tries to zone me out with fireballs and defensive jumping, and I patiently wait for the exact moment where he will make the usual mistake : jumping on Makoto while she is safely finishing a jump over a fireball. I see it, bam, ultra 1, win. I then get the following PM from him :

I think that message says:

“You scared mother fucker ^ Well, you should be, because this Green Beret is going to kick your big ass!”

I asked him to speak english. His reply :

I can translate >_>

*aja pero que juego es este q usas ^ eres un hijo puta *

aha, but what game is this that you’re using (I guess he means, “What kinda bullshit is this” ^ you son of a bitch.

he mad

I finally got to 3k PP. Whoo I get on the “elite” channel now lol.

I beat a Gief twice in a row with my Mak today and couldn´t believe my eyes when i got hatemail saying that Makoto needs “some sirius nerfs” from the gief player.

Oh and i lucked out bad today. Beat the number 1 El Fuerte player on XBL (15.000 BP) Saved the replay, lolz. Im gonna become rich and famous after i find out how to enframe a digital video and put it on a wall… Such a sense of accomplishment ^^

Was able to get about fifty minutes of ranked match play time in last night before my xbox screen scrambled, only lost one match! The practice is paying off.

Sounds like that Gief has been watching too much Harry Potter…

Ibuki. Bitch is annoying. Finally figuring out stuff though, after losing so often to this one persons Ibuki I am starting to be able to go Makoto to toe with him. Finishing the session up with 3 wins in a row. One of them with a big P finish.

I ran into an SRK all day Ken player in my endless lobby. He beat my Dan and my terrible Yang, I wrecked him with Mak and then Adon, after which he sends me a message saying how he hates “cheap characters and scrub noob players”.

I told him to take his SRK and his lag and get the hell out of my lobby. He responds with something about “sukn kawkz”, I gave my default response of “Want to be my girlfriend?” This usually stops any further messaging but this guy sent me messages a few times per hour for hours afterwards, then at least one per day for the following week, and now I get one once a week.

I love it, its a little gift to me, a little weekly affirmation of how pathetic a person he is.