Spring cleaning DS game sale

got a few DS game i would like to sell.
all games are mint and complete.
shipping is included in the price.
payment is PayPal only.
if you are interested in any of the games, please let me know.

**adding DSi black unit absolutely mint condition with screen protectors installed. have all original docs/box + charger. $145

TAKE DSi with all the games below for $195 shipped.**

[]Jump Ultimate Stars with bonus art/postcard booklet --$40
]Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes --$24
[]Lunar Knights --$20
]Castlevania Order of Ecclesia --$24
[]Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (original release) --$30
]Trauma Center Under the Knife 2 --$16
[]Brain Age 2
]Space Invaders Extreme 2




dropped prices and removed some sold items.

both SMT games have been sold. updating post.

added DSi bundle