Spring mod help

Hi guys,

I have owned this joystick for over a year, model Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT, and it feels like the spring has gone numb.
It takes a lot of effort to dash or make accurate motions with it.
I was looking into some spring mods, and I caught my eye on the LS33 spring.
Unluckily, no e-shop in europe sells the thing separately and I don’t feel like buying a whole new stick.

Can you recommend me a new spring?

Oh yea, I like the tight feel over a loose feel

It might not be the spring that needs to be replaced, it could the the PCB shown here:

Also, for a tighter than a normal JLF feel, add on an LS-33 spring to the JLF one.

Nah, the PCB is fine, the spring just feels so loose.

I mentioned in FP, I can’t get my hands on just a spring in Europe, I have to buy a whole LS33 stick just to get the spring.

Any alternatives?

You can also just pop the spring out, stretch it by hand, and see if it feels better. I do that weekly and before tourneys on my marvel stick :slight_smile:

remove the spring go to a hardware store & find a a spring thats close with a firmer feel

Yep, I removed my spring in my JLF and stretched it a little by hand. It really did work though. sometimes I kinda feel like I want it just a little stiffer though

Thanks for the advice!

I have acces to a ls32 spring though.
Does anyone have any experience with this spring?

i have an ls32 that i bought from mr ryu. its a little firmer than jlf but i removed that too for an ace hardware spring that feels like happ

quick question…is there an easy way to take the C-clamp off the bottom of sticks ?

for the c clip use a flat head screwdriver, and twist. for e clip use a flathead and pry.