Spring Question For LS-32 and LS-40 Users


Is there a spring that will work to add tension, a larger one, that fits either of thesd two models? I don’t want to have to springs just a single spring that will add some nice tension. I’ve looked through the Home Depot spring kit to no avail.


Whats wrong with two springs? I guess you can try to just stretch the stock spring out some to add a bit of tension.


I use to use two springs when I used the JLF but once using one spring, in the LS-56 it was much nicer feeling. With two springs, a jumping feeling occurs unless the springs are put together perfectly.

Anyone know the measurements of the LS-32/LS-40 spring.


Looking at this picture, a JLW spring might do it. You should check in your ls-32/40 if there is some extra space because it looks slightly bigger.


The JLW spring looks like it would fit. I’m going to run by Home Depot to see what other springs they have. Anyone know how the tension is on the JLW spring?


The JLW spring does indeed work as a drop-in replacement on the LS-32 and LS-40 (and vice versa). It has the strongest spring of the common Japanese sticks, though still not as strong as a Happ spring.


How would you compare the JLW spring to two JLF springs in a JLF stick?


Two JLF springs are stronger.


So I went to Home Depot and purchased a 4 spring set, about 3 inches long. I had to cut it rather short to get the e clip on but problem solved. The spring is super tight but it is what I like. A few weeks of use to loosen it up and it will be perfect. Thanks for all the replies.