Spring Questions

I searched the forums and didn’t find this…

I just happ-modded(super stick and comp buttons) a pelican and my SFAE stick… they both kick ass, but the springs in the sticks are a little too bouncy. Is there a place I can buy really TOUGH springs that return to center really well? I also tried stretching the string as per another thread but it didn’t make that much of a difference.

Any thoughts?

you can try ponyboy. he has heavy duty springs for competition sticks. i don’t know if they will fit in a super stick though.


The regular springs are too soft/bouncy and the hard springs are too hard. Another reason to go with the P360 joysticks.

Well, I’ll call happ and have them send me out some of the stiffer springs anyway. I get random jump when I let go of duck sometimes; it’s not TOO bad but definitely annoying.

Being a college student sucks when it comes to the funds.