Spring'08 - Brooklyn, NY - V.G.A. Tournaments

Tournaments are hosted at New York City College of Technology.
You do not have to be currently enrolled in any college to join.
All hosted on a Thursday. Free Pizza and drink for all participants. And all begin at 12:00pm
Prizes for 1st, 2nd & Third. 1st Place prize are different for each.
I borrowed the directions to get there from Polytech’s directions to their College, since our schools are basically across the street from each other.

Directions: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...ogID=360712021

Capcom Vs SNK2

Guilty Gear: Accent Core

Soul Calibur 3

Halo 3

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Early sign ups:
Either 1) email vga.camp@gmail.com 2) message at http://www.myspace.com/videogamealliance
or 3) post here
Either of the top 3 with:
Name/Tag and school representing if any

No cash prizes?
No 3S?
lol SC3

Still, there’s GG for 5 bux + free pizza and that’s great. Also, do I really need a CUNY ID and if so, how would I go about obtaining one?

I’m there!

Prizes are negotiable
Well…the cuny id is to be able to get inside the school. It’s not that serious lol
if anything just ask for where financial aid is and they will let you in,…and in the link I posted with directions there is a number you can call if you have trouble finding where the tournament is located in the school

Definitely sign me up for CVS2

My name is Carlos Moreaux, my tag is epy0nkaru (ep-pee-on ka ru) and i’m representing CCNY
by the way… no Street fighter III?
and what time do these tournaments start anyway?

10 dollar entry fee

mystery prize???

seriously what are the prizes for cvs2

wait cuny photo id???

Shush you.

Damnit Maxx! Just call me and let me know how many people are there that day.

sign me up for cvs2 :china:

the prize for CVS2 is a street fighter anniversary collection arcade stick

SC3 is not until April and so far 7 people signed up

Thing is I know people SAY they’re going to sign up but things happen.

I have class that day so I’m pretty sure I wont be able to make it but good luck nonetheless.

Alright Ill be coming to this. Just put me under as JWong

12pm on a Thursday?

Don’t people have class or work?

I won’t be available -.-

^^ but dont you go to school right across the street? lol

I assume for only CVS2 and GGAC
…am I right?

Thursday, My day off…:slight_smile:

I’ll be going for GGAC.

so what is 1st place prize? I’m only entering cvs2 first

1st prize is an arcade stick

justin, can i buy the stick from you since you’re winning anyway (and not going to use it)? as in discount price =D please?!?!?!

Yea but Thursday I got class 11am-8pm no break.

Well, I give myself a break 1-3pm by not going to physics2.