SpringFest - New York City, New York - Saturday March 15, 2008

I might come for GG/MvC2

I will update/check for errors next weekend. Real busy this weekend/week.

MvC2 =D

u know st would be kinda cool too but i doubt anyone will enter that bc ur all too busy air dashing n parrying n what not

Time is limited, but there’s definitely ggac, 3S, marvel, cvs2, and brawl.

The clubs here are playing brawl 24/7.

u don’t have to be a polytech student to enter the building right?
i need 2 practice now lol

btw i request 3s, and VF5
is there anybody i can talk to about recording 3s matches? like, all of them?

edit: nevermind my entry into CVS2

I request 3s

You do.

That Saturday you will need photo id to enter.

Only Brawl is played in Poly. I’m adding the other games to the tournament.

so… what if I’m NOT a student at polytechnic? I can’t play brawl? :frowning: :frowning:

I really don’t remember there having to be a Polytech student to come here knowing i was here last year without a problem :D.

I Request Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version B and DDR. Well if no-one has MB:AC Version B there is it okay i bring my laptop along with 4 ps2 usb Adapters???

oh and do you still have that sick 3-D fighting game called Garouden Breakblow??

+1 to GG

This semester there are a lot of changes due to equipment damage and other reasons.

You’ll need photo ID and sign in.

Soo like you can still go in as long as you have a ID???


I’ll play ST, 3S, and CvS2, but only if Min promises to play me in CvS2 and lose to me and be really sucky and I can be like “lolz” and i will be the hero of the tournament and i will slay the min dragon and i will ransack his dragon corpse and give his weed away like robin hood.

ST rules.

By Street Fighter 2 Turbo…Do you Mean Hyper Fighting or ST?

If so, sweat. You’re literally right next door to my job.


Based on replies here there might not be a tournament for it, nor melty blood, nor arcana.

This is only one day and I don’t want to force people to have stuff like 1/1 instead of 2/3 in games like marvel where there is only one round because someone can just get a lucky snap at the start.

Stations will be set up for casuals though and you can ask any of the staff to change the game to whatever you want.

The main things to know ahead of time is that getting in the building may take some time. Have a photo id ready (like drivers license or w/e) and be ready to sign in.

Also registration may take even longer, although the organizations are considering putting limits. For example we don’t want over 500 people showing up for brawl, and some of the members thought it was a good idea to let everyone on facebook know about this so they got too many random people excited about this…

Anyways, near the end of February I will PM each SRK user to enter the tournament a unique password that they can use to identify themselves the day of the tournament and use as a reserved spot.

I’ll be running marvel, gg, 3s, cvs2, and a few others, one game multiple stations at a time. Brawl and DDR may be run simultaneously, more information will be posted later.

Grand Finals for the games I’m holding will be held off after those games are done and be on a large projector.

ElderGOD, keep in touch with me about the potential for ST. If ST is there, I’d probably go, as well as enter other games. Out of curiosity, which version would be used?

SSF2T was planned but guess that’s not happening unless HD gets released early.

If someone wants to bring a console/game they want to be there for casuals then we can connect that.

Major updating.

sign me up for 3s and CVS2 if you are reserving spots =D

if u magically get 32 entrants for cvs2

u could do 2/3 winners 1 losers

i can help run it n what not

also i promise to lose to capmaster in cvs2 but only if he sandbags to me in st