SpringFest - New York City, New York - Saturday March 15, 2008

I’ll keep that in mind.

can i get a promise that you won’t pick kyo, sak, blanka and rape my guard bar :bgrin: that will be all sir.

I’m in 4 cvs2, maybe marvel if im not entirely bored… …or high

Guess I’m in for some cvs; and yes, I’ll bring my cam to record matches.
So no fuckin’ up, Min! :-p

i cant promise any of u anything!

i mite use r4 a-sak n fuck up all day

mm, i guess ill come in for ac.

how many are there so far.

id go for ST i wouldn’t mind but im mainly goin for mvc2.

Fuck that go to FR…:arazz:

I’ll go for AC,ST and maybe CVS2.

For those that didn’t check main post.

100% confirmed are: Brawl, MvC2, GGAC, 3S, CvS2.
ST isn’t happening due to lack of equipment, but Hyper Fighting and SF2ce may be available for casuals.

As far as VF5 goes, it requires X-Box or PS3, and so far I only got DCs and PS2s. Would need at least 4-5 stations to have a tournament for it.

Also, why use r4 sak? r1 shoshoshosho… is good enough.

I’ll be too busy to record. So I recommend people bring their own gear to record. At a time only one game will be run with 4-5 stations (TV) same time. Grand finals will be after all games are done and one game grand final at a time on the projector.

General template so far is start with marvel on dcs, swap equip to ps2s, run the rest, then gf for rest then get dc back in and finish with marvel gf.

Can i get 3 for 3S?

The Brawl tourney will be no items, right? Doesn’t matter that much for me though. I’m gonna rock with or withou items.

i wouldn’t mind playing ST but that might be a bit much for Elder to be able to host on the plus side ST matches do go rather fast guess there could be a little mini one if enough ppl are interested right?

Not enough equipment, not enough time.

4 games alone in one day is A LOT. I’m not going to take any breaks for around 10 hours straight. Things will be organized though, as in, if you’re not there for your match you dq.

Also, it looks like first round of matches in bracket for CvS2 will be 1/1, as well as 3S and GG with first to win two rounds 1/1. For losers bracket games are 2/3. Marvel has to be 2/3 because of teamwork involved. In the other games, other then meter, rounds are independent.

No items due to my Lucas. I’m not running Brawl though, I’m only doing MvC2, 3S, GG, and CvS2. There will be a side tournament for Brawl, Melee, DDR, Guitar Hero 3, etc. Also other none fighting game tournaments.

Anyways, I like items.

I don’t understand this post.

Wow, just like EVO World all over again. Horrible flashback setting in.

I know people will bitch about it but it’s either more rounds and less games or more games and less rounds, and so far everyone wants more games.

Anyways, if you lose a game then all your matches are 2/3.

To add to that, each game still has at least two rounds so it’s not that bad.

1/1 means 3 max rounds and 2/3 means 9 max rounds. That’s 3 times as long potentially and there’s just not that much time.

You know what I mean.

Don’t want to be a jerk, but I’m doing the best I can with what I got.

For the record, this is THE ONLY FREE EVENT MY COLLEGE IS ALLOWING that isn’t educational and people will actually go to.

I was asking if I can get three spots for thrid strike?

You can enter only once for 3S and get two points. You can’t enter yourself three times to give yourself an advantage over everyone, but you can enter yourself once in 3s and then also once in each other game.

If the other two spots are for your friends then yes.

The first post was edited so reread it please.

is the tournament still on the 15th? i heard they had problems and had to move it to the week after.

is this the case? or is it on the 15th?
if so save me a seat for 3s. I have two friends coming two so i was wondering if you could save a seat for them two.
if not we’ll be there early… like at 10am -_-;;


Put me down for Guilty Gear if you can reserve the spots…
If not I’ll try and be there early.

you might already have me down for GG but w.e reserve me that and 3s and marvel.