Springfest New York, New York March 15 2008

Adding who each person lost to.

MvC2: Prize 70/30 with 11 entrants

  1. Nestor
  2. Alzarath (Nestor, Nestor)
  3. Gemdoom (Backfire, Alzarath)
  4. Backfire (Alzarath, Alzarath) and RushedDown (Nestor, Gemdoom) [both players eliminated same time/round]

3S: Prize 70/20/10 with 20 entrants

  1. Flare
  2. J.S. (Flare, Flare) [this is the J.S. that did not provide a nickname, not the one that did, not U2]
  3. Mariodood (Flare, J.S.)

GGAC: Prize 70/20/10 with 20 entrants

  1. J.C.
  2. Romantic (J.C., J.C.)
  3. BMoney (J.C., Romantic)

CvS2: Prize 70/30 with 10 entrants

  1. Nestor and Min (Nestor, GF not played) [agreed to not play and split 50/50]
  2. MGS (Min, Min)

Brawl (non-cash prizes)

  1. D1
  2. NinjaLink
  3. Owl

edit: If listed nickname is not right it’s because when righting your nickname your name overlapped three lines and two other nicknames. Money handling was correct though.

Everything went fine except one person lied in one case which was rectified.

Yo Mike good shit today you ran it pretty well… you should consider trying to hold that spot down and run console tourneys… im sure if u speak to some of the higher ups in the school they will listen…

Good shit in marvel guys Nestor ur msp was pretty good… good shit gemdoom…

Therapist didn’t win 3rdin GGAC. I don’t know the nick but just put it up as “Bobby” on account that that’s his real name.

How many entered GG? I couldn’t make it I pulled an all nighter last night…X__X

Yo George what’s good with those casuals?

Bob “BMoney”


#16 registered registered above #15 for names, but 3rd place is #16, and cash was given to #16.

good shit on the tourney today. some anime con shit was garbage… haha.
good shit phocus i really wanted us to be grand finals. maybe next time :smiley:
good to meet rushed down and nestor. lol at nestor in guilty gear
shout outs to the guy with the godlike stick. i wish i had it in losers finals:looney: hope you didnt mind since i asked you alot.
sucks that arthur and kevin came late. uuuum yea good shit eldergod cant wait for the next one. i thought you were black.:rofl:

next week man, no money cuz of the tourney. you coulda came btw, registers for GG started at like 3.


Rock paper scissors Gundam match > GG tournament because at least RPS is 2 out of 3. ):

Shout outs:
Alzarath: Fuck Testament, etc… I’m not having as much of a problem with him anymore. Good shit. Our game was close.
GREEK: We should’ve played more casuals.
VGA crew: You guys are cool. I wont be able to make it to your tourney, but I hope it’s mad hype!
Joe: The best. I need to play your Eddie again soon.

nah if u ment me it’s fine

i know it don’t matter much since there wasn’t a 3rd place prize LOl but didn’t i get 3rd really? i didn’t lose to anyone but the one who got 2nd place, just tryin to peice it together

I announced that you’re not supposed to play the same person twice but that it was your responsibility to keep track and you didn’t tell me. I would have swapped your spot with number 6 as you were both in the same losers bracket. You got knocked out from winners by Alzarath, and then later in losers you got put against Alzarath again, and lost again. This wasn’t a standard losers winners brackets exactly but it was focused on two loses and you’re out, you can’t get more than one by, and you’re not supposed to play the same person twice. You beat Gemdoom during the first match of winners, but you got knocked out of the tournament before Gemdoom so he placed higher. If you would have not played Alzarath the second time option (usable in none finals matches only) you could have got a chance to play against Gemdoom with a chance of winning.

Marvel Placements are:

  1. Nestor
  2. Alzarath
  3. Gemdoom
  4. Backfire and RushedDown (eliminated same round)

edit: I was still sick, which some of you who know me know and my voice wasn’t that high. Next time I’ll try to scream louder.

Also, sorry to all my friends who came to the tournaments who I didn’t even get a chance to talk to as I was busy 9am-7 something pm.

Thanks to Chun (PAS) the most for being there most times, and Alex in the beginning, Jonah middle, and Leon towards the end. Also thanks to Min for helping with CvS2 towards the end when my ability to read started to dissipate. Thanks to everyone from PAS and PAGE.

Also thanks to everyone who helped with the equipment, it would not have been possible without it.

Starting towards the middle to the end of each tournament stations were free and casuals were played. Also at least one TV was always up for casuals so that worked out. I also stole… errr… “borrowed” a fifth TV from the Brawl tournament for the whole day.

I wasn’t even there and the tournament sucked. Not having brackets drawn out for 3S? What the fuck man, get your shit together dude. Switching tournament rules mid-tournament? Having 1/1 for winners bracket then 2/3 for losers, only making the tournament double elimination AFTER a few matches had already happened, and practically saying “fuck you” to the people who had already played and couldn’t go into the losers bracket? I wasn’t there, but this is what I’m hearing from practically everyone who entered 3S. You should really run a local tournament and get your feet wet before you try something of this scale.

It was always double elimination and 3S and GG all non finals were 1/1.

edit: Information was on the projector up the whole time.
Reading isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity.

At SRK it was also posted that matches may be changed to 1/1 set before the tournament starts if it runs late.

Brackets were created after register.

Also, big talk from someone about something that you didn’t even go to.
Get your facts before looking like an idiot. Go run a tournament yourself.

I was going to change 3S to 2/3 losers but I took a vote and most said to keep it 1/1 so I didn’t change anything.

Also everyone in the tournament who lost, lost because the lost to two people double eliminated except for one person who didn’t show up for his match and one other person who was reported as lost in losers who didn’t play the match. That person who paid a $5 entry fee who was in losers “therapist” and got “eliminated” got $5 out of my pocket and $15 gundam kit which is $30 at retail price so STFU.

Oh goody, flame bait.

You shouldn’t have had a vote mid-fucking tournament, that’s just stupidity, as well as completely unfair.

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=147815 - Tournament thread

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=151331 - Tournament results thread w/ link to Top 7 video of 3S w/ commentary. Equipment purchases, testing, setup, video recording, and editing, done by me (aside from intro movie, that was Sean/Vizard).

My other tournament threads have been pruned, but I’ve been holding down Long Island since the summer, as well as helping out in the city whenever someone asks…

If you ran an event, not just a tournament, correctly, you’d have multiple games running at once, starting the larger ones first and as soon as they finish, then move onto the smaller games. You had what, 7 or 8 TVs with enough systems? Taking registration for multiple games at once makes sense also.

Yea, getting my facts straight sure is hard. I didn’t want to completely bash you, but when I have people calling me up saying that a tournament sucks, it generally sucks balls haha.

8 TVs, you want to buy me some? In the original tournament thread I stated that I will have 4 TVs, so if you expected 8 you’re illiterate or retarded. If I say I have 4 TVs only then you should know that it isn’t going to be a large tournament and when I say that they’ll mostly likely be 1/1 set that means they’ll most likely be 1/1 set.

If there would have been people for staff I would run more than one game at a time, but since there wasn’t it was one game at a time that way I only have to take care of 1 bracket at a time and people who register for more than one game don’t have to worry about being called for two games at the same time, but I’m sure you knew that, or did you?

If you got some hate blame the organization, I took their idea to have a tournament and I actually ran all four tournaments which they gave up on, and eventhough they were the original organizers none of them were there to help.

Also, everyone is bitching and I agree, but it’s about 3S and GG being 1/1 whereas MvC2 and CvS2 was 2/3. Also, 3S and GG were 1/1, but look at the results, the top 3 are decisive. I knew before the tournament started that people were going to bitch about 1/1, but would you rather have no tournament or 1/1, yea I thought so.

I also started MvC2 first because most people couldn’t come in early, so you’re wrong again. I planned the most popular two games for the times people liked most.

Go rant at someone who doesn’t care tournaments and for someone in my position with the givens staff (0) and given equipment the tournament went well.

Like I said, people can bitch about 1/1 but in the end nothing was changed. 1/1 stayed 1/1. Everyone always had double elimination, find one person who didn’t. You make up facts, give me anyone and I’ll tell you who lost to who.

Worst tournament ever, end of discussion.


good shit to mariodood for getting 3rd…i shouldve went if he was to place that high :frowning:

my bad

forgot to list my handle

yea… flare owned me hard


he stole my soul