Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm

Did you guys find a place to setup for meetups? I wanna know whats up with the 'field nowadays

Looks like Pat got us a place in Ludlow, MA every Monday starting on August 1st . $5 venue and we got the place til 3AM if I remember correctly.

Oh wow thats cool. Since it’s running so late I could even make that after work probably. Bomb.

sounds pretty dope man hopefully i could go

Fuck Rain, double jump faster shield slash is better

Souper Bowl tournament tomorrow! Who is in therrre?

Wow…have to double post.

Games at my place today. Please help me (and anyone else who’s going that shows up) get ready for Evo!

Tourney in August @ GamePlay. I’ll post details later, I’m not running it but someone we know is involved!

Yo, Pat. Is that place in Ludlow finalized so we can start using it next Monday?

I’ll win everything, except mk. Ivan can have that game

This guy.

Jokes on us, it’s actually a powerstone tournament.

anyone else see the crazy ass clouds come in?

Tornado hit right across from where Pat and I work.

Shit was intense, I was joking around at work I was like “looks like there’s another tornado coming” then it just suddenly starts raining hard and winds started to blow…

At work I go to the dude next to me, man it just got REALLY dark and he goes last time you made that observation we had a tornado.

Glad I was almost on the other side of Massachusetts before shit hit the fan. Also glad you guys are alright too.

I’ll just leave this here.



NH Tournament this weekend.