Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm

Shit was intense, I was joking around at work I was like “looks like there’s another tornado coming” then it just suddenly starts raining hard and winds started to blow…

At work I go to the dude next to me, man it just got REALLY dark and he goes last time you made that observation we had a tornado.

Glad I was almost on the other side of Massachusetts before shit hit the fan. Also glad you guys are alright too.

I’ll just leave this here.



NH Tournament this weekend.

Possibly going to this, pretty excited coming back from evo.

I’d go but don’t get out until 3:30 on Saturday.

Is…is that Zorin who said he jacked off to Kayo pics?

Ha, it does look like him, sick moves Zorin.

I would love to have moves like him

This thread is boring the crap outta me.

no scene= bullshit skills

Nothing really going on, the only thing exciting coming up is me driving up to NH to play in that tournament. That’s about it

You going to summer jam?

I don’t think I can. Used up all my vacation time for EVO lol

Come on its only sat and sunday

I work Saturday till 4 so I’m going to miss majority of the event haha

I don’t know about any one else but my situation is that I don’t really like AE all that much and with Ultimate coming around how much incentive is there to play vanilla Marvel 3? I don’t play MK either. Thats it for tourney games at the moment.

I think we should become a Tekken kind of scene like Albany NY… “You drop combo, you bad”