Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm

Well, if you do…I’ll be at GU.

hey guys just for you know ahead of time we’ll be having another tourney Sept 18th [Sep 18, 2011] New Challengers X Gaming Etc MK9/SSF4:AE/MVC3 (Stratford, CT)

what u guys playin at gu tonite

wrong thread lol

double posting because I’m top 16 awwww yeaaaaahhh

Games at my place on Saturday, Souper Bowl tournament on Sunday. Hit me up if you want to press buttons!

I didn’t know you got top 16! Good shit, man.

Happy Feet, that ain’t Falco.

Where you at!? Where you at!? Where you at!? Where you at!?

Street Fighter x Tekken looks like ass. Discuss

I agree. SF4 only really had cammy’s ass but now poison in the mix. Far too much ass.

Yeah and chun li’s ass is ok but I agree

SFxT looks good, but I need a more robust system of mechanics. Maybe I just need to get my hands on it.

I’m really not sure what to make of SF×T. For a long time now, I have just figured that I’ll try it when it’s out and see what I think of it.

I can tell you from experience that it’s pretty true what people have been saying about it. It’s a lot of things, and yet none of them in their totality. There can be footsies, and yet there can be relentless rush down. There is big combos and careful traps. In one single round the game can go from a zoning game to a DS/Marvel style rushdown/blockstring game with insanely effective mixups, and the next thing you know somebody activates the dynamic team mode thingie and tries to do pseudo aegis reflector style sandwich setups. I actually caught somebody at Fight Club by sandwiching them and it was extremely fun. The game is wonky in some ways but I’m still overwhelmed with a desire to play and a ton of curiosity precisely because it’s unlike anything out there. I’ll have a good time I’m sure. As a side note, being an EX Tekken player I can say it’s very satisfying to press short and forward with King and get Jaguar Step to come out. Touches like that are very welcome and the tekken characters look and feel interesting and are generally very scary. Some people there were already getting the hang of Kazuya and I’m fairly confident that character might end up very close to the top.

Also the game is GORGEOUS.

So are we Cyclops in this metaphor?

If that’s what you took from it then sure.

Shout outs to Scumbag Marco winning 50 dollars today

Bumping because we are not dead, looks like SFxTekken is going to be more popular around here