Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm

. . . . . . .Ehem

And you need to practice basketball.

I’m good at basketball :smiley:

I dont get it. Is this a inside joke or something?

Fucking Tyson Chandler needs to learn to catch the pass when I give him the rock. That’s what we in the biz call it.

sup dudes, we got a tournament in fall river this saturday and I am TRYING LIKE HELL to get people out there for KoF. I’m outta Braintree, I’ll be bringing 8088 up at least, and if you’re relatively near me and play KoF, LOOK ME THE HELL UP.

as it stands, KoF isn’t on the bill. lets change that. look me up and give shouts on the thread and the facebook event. lets get KoF in there.

I won’t play KOF until I’m good with Ralf so never

People still post in thread? I’m trying to get in on Masters of Teras Kasi, having trouble in the Chewbacca match-up.

Hey we got an event on March 11th not too far from you all. Hit the thread in my signature if you want in. SSF4AE, UMvC3, SFxT, SC5, MK9, T6, and open to any other suggestions. Hope to see some of you.

Get out your pen and paper Cheeseburger! You saw it here first! Enjoy!

Good shit as always, I’m all set with the combos though thanks

Front page of SRK?



Illwill never going to tournaments. . . . . . . . .

^this guy winning no name tourneys.

At least I show up at the no name tourny’s . . . . .#stayhomewill

but when i do go to tourneys. i make sure to bop people who think they so nice

also i heard Do “Cheeseburger” Ug cemented his place as best cap alive in an obscene set. I see you youngins!

Yooo Maaahhhvelll!?

this is the nicest trashtalk ever.

I heard the running score was 14-3? could be speculation but I trust my oily source.

Wasn’t a money match or even a set. . . .more like lets just keep playing until someone else wants to play. And i’ll admit he smacked me, but that score is not correct. . . .and at this point idc lol. In the end I took the tournament and walked home with the money. . . . (no offense to Cheeseburger, good shit on saturday)