Springfield, MO - No, really, we play fighting games here!


Somewhere like Downtown Springfield, maybe.

Also, I won’t be there tonight, someone I know is coming into town and I want to see them.


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I like this idea


I guess I need to start scouting for locations. And maybe trying to get a liquor license. Arcade games are better with booze.


I got SSFIV working on my computer. This opens up interesting new times for me to be able to practice.


Yay! Lemme know! Generally free for a few hours after 7:00m pm or so.


Tournament at Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, TN coming up on May 18th, make your plans now!

SFAE2012, Injustice, and UMVC3!!!



When are my Street Fighter peeps available to play at night this week?


In honor of Star Wars Day, we should all play some Masters of Teras Kasai.


Maxout Tournament Thread: https://www.facebook.com/events/557711937585697/


So, I need to buy a stick for Evo. I was thinking about a Q4RAF like Tim has, but I’m open to suggestions. Any ideas?


Definitely get a Q4RAF. It’s easily an amazing investment.

Also, sorry i’ve not been active at all lately. After the last Maxout, I’ve realized I didn’t really enjoy P4 that much. Though, I’m sure to enter back in when the new BB game comes out.


Yep, Q4RAF is a good stick.

Also, I may be able to make it out to Meta on Monday June 3rd. Going to be in Chicago that weekend, and I took an extra day off to kinda chill.


Will anyone other than me be at Meta tomorrow? I’ll be there, if for no other reason than to shirk my familial responsibilities for an evening and practice some combos.


Hello. Just sign up on Shoryuken. Looking for places in Springfield to find fight nights. Trying to improve my game but my only opponents are my brother and online fights. Want to expand my experience. Where in Springfield, MO can I find some fighting game experience. Right now I’m just playing SFIV AE2012 but always open to play more games. My PSN account is also Peppermex. I also still use a controller, I know need to upgrade to fighting stick. Let me know if there any places out there.


Peppermex, we will be playing AE tomorrow night at Meta Games from a little after 6 to 10 PM. We might mix in some KOF XIII but we mainly play Street Fighter. You are sure welcome to join us. When you walk into Meta, go to the back of the store and we are in the game room there. We are typically there every Monday night at those times. I hope to see you there.


What system do you guys play on? Need to know if I can bring my controller or not.


We play on PS3 but occasionally have an Xbox on hand. Mainly it’s PS3. Let me know if you don’t have a PS3 controller, I’m sure someone can bring a spare.


I have a PS2 w/USB adapter. I should be good but thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.


Anybody made it out to Barcade yet? Is it “venuable?”


I’ve been to Barkade. (It’s spelled with a “k”, because they got sued, apparently.) It might be venuable, but it’s only open a few days a week. I did notice that they had some sticks there, and I bet they’d be interested if we wanted to hold a tourney there sometime.