Springfield, MO - No, really, we play fighting games here!

Yeah, I’ll try to swing up there tomorrow during my lunch break and get you my reg fee. Meant to today and forgot about it.

Also, I picked up the PC version of AE, so we may be able to use it as a setup as well when we’re not recording a match.

For those of you out of town, that can’t pay the registration; let me know, so we can get you covered before you get here. Since this is the first time doing this, we might do some late registrations.

Those of you that show on Mondays only; I might be collecting, and registering for the tourney on that day specifically (I need to talk to Fred first).

Torrey, if you can, help me find some software for the event, or let me know what one it was you found with the station positions. I’ll try to find one for my tablet, otherwise I’ll bring my laptop. I don’t know how well the PC version works, but I’ll still bring the tripod, the dv cam, and the audio hookups for it as well; just in case.

Lastly, during the event, and after on here; we’ll discuss any games that people would be interested in adding to the event.

For the locals that want to play online with other locals on PSN, add MOFighting as a friend, and I’ll get you added to the chat room. From there, we can discuss, run endless battles, and you won’t have to worry about the random online players (as I know some people try to stay away from).

This is the software I use on my laptop: http://allisbrawl.com/tio

Works really well and is pretty simple to figure out.

Btw, you might want to post that info up in the KC/STL threads as well.

Ok guys. Talked to Fred. We Will do registration on the 16th. 12:00pm CST to register! 1:00pm is when we’ll start!ii

“Screenland Showdown” Round 2 is next month. Clear your Saturday!

Alright. Got the 16th scheduled off at the last possible minute. Thanks for the registration help eVile! Just couldn’t make it out.

To the other local fighter-folk (and Clint), I’m very curious; who would be interested in a team event?

Ok, guys. Everyone from out of town and so forth; registration is at 12:00 Sat 16th! at 1:00pm CST, we will be starting the games! The price will stay the same!

About Tomorrow and on the day of the tournament; I won’t be able to make it. I’ve kinda run into a snag in money at the moment. =/ Though, in better news, I’ve found someone that makes me really happy. I’ll try to make it with my set up to Meta on Monday though.

Reason I’m not participating in the tournament is because I’m not confident enough to enter it right now. Maybe after a little while longer, I’ll join or when we add BlazBlue to the roster.

I doubt I’ll make it out to Next-Level today (June 9) and I’ll be out of town next Saturday. :frowning: I hope the tournament goes well and I’d love to see some videos after it’s done!

I’ll add MOFighting to my PSN list and try to spar with you guys online this week.

Looks like I’m not gonna make it tonight after all. I’ll see you guys at the tournament! Anyone that wants to get some practice in this week hit me up on PSN or XBL.

Evil Rahsaan, Dieminion, Santhrax and IFC Yipes are confirmed coming to Screenland showdown. Come down to KC in august dudes, its gonna be a big one.


Not feeling too good today so I’m going to have to pass on Meta tonight. Hopefully I’ll be better for the tourney this weekend.

It’s all good, hope you get better! Btw, you planning anything for next weekend or for Screenland? I definitely want to hit up Screenland if I can only do one.

Dude, perfect date for me on screenland. I’m not working that weekend at all unless something more important happens. I will definitly be there. As long as I get a match off one of the big names, I am happy. Viper is back in lab after the 16th tournament.

Hmmm…found that my capture card for whatever reason will not record HDMI input from a PS3, works fine on 360 though. So, two solutions:

  1. Run recorded matches on 360 (easiest solution IMO)
  2. Run a PS3 setup on component or composite input split between the PC and a CRT screen.

Next Level is probably a go this weekend - but Maxout is not. Got a family reunion that weekend in Branson.

HOWEVER Screenland 2 sounds awesome and we definitely need to take as many people from Springfield up there as possible.

Definitely. If we get enough, you think we should look at any hotel accommodations or possibly someone to bunk up with? Assuming we’d stay both days of course.

We can just record on the 360, since I usually just bring the PS3 up for some variety from SF4. Also, I’m slightly interested in Screen Land, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, since I’ve barely got the money to make it out anywhere at the moment.

Damn, I must have glossed over this when I was out of it.

Heck yeah, team tourneys are fun too (this is assuming that enough people stick around to do them). Some people leave immediately after losing…which I don’t really understand. You can learn stuff and/or play casuals the rest of the day.

Hmm…never really thought about staying the night. If we can get someone to host us, that would be great. Splitting a hotel room isn’t bad either, as long as we get enough people.